1. Emily

    hi Marcus!
    what a great way to find out if a site is a scam! I would never have thought about it! I mean you are right, it is like getting a backstage access to the program basically. I cannot believe they would use ridiculous terms such as “ridiculous upsell funnel”. I mean come on! Scam alert! Thanks for sharing this great way of finding out more about a program

  2. Paul

    Hi Marcus,

    One of the things I love about wealthy affiliate is that there are no upsells. It’s not like the other programs where they try to get you to buy enhancement after enhancement. That just all stinks of scammy to me!

    I can genuinely say that Wealthy Affiliate is the most genuine IM training program I have ever come across – and iIve fallen for a few scams!

  3. Maureen

    What an ingenious way to tell if you are being scammed or not. I had looked at Blogging with John Chow but like you it kinda sounded a bit too easy. Of course many of the make money sites do emphasize how easy it is to make money online after all that is a big draw – people want it all for little or no effort. If making money online was that easy we would all be internet millionaires.

  4. Chris

    Wow, Marcus and thanks a bunch for your Great Article Post. Makes since along with providing some good “watch out” helpful information. You have a very good informative site, and I have bookmarked for follow up on more of your useful help. To my opinion, everyone can benefit from the awesome information you are sharing.
    Positives and Successes, Chris

  5. kyle

    Personally, I have fallen victim to a number of scams online. I am really glad that you touched on this subject. Plenty of useful tips I wish surely use down the road! Thank you.

  6. edy

    Hi Marcus,
    I have tasted many other programs before, and I totally agree with you! There are tons of deceitful guru out there, and trying to suck our money in and out. One time, I was faced to $2000 upsell which gazed me for a moment. But I never buy into it, and never look back since then.

    I’m glad to find Wealthy Affiliate earlier, and feel comfortable staying inside because there is no hidden upsells. Now, I am progressing a lot. I can’t imagine what happen to me If I’m still stuck outside with millions of scam program..

  7. Cathy

    The upsells technique is a way to manipulate the user’s greed – if I may use that word. People tend to buy something when they feel the urge or the ‘wow’ factor. These scams are pretty good at doing that. After you go through 50 scam sites, they all look the same. Everyone tries to promise you something with a discounted price and then squeeze more money out of you at the back end.

    • Exactly! Someone recently said to me that this upsell technique doesn’t necessarily mean it is a scam, but I think it does. In any other situation, this kind of deception wouldn’t be acceptable. For example, if you went to buy something on Amazon, and then after you had paid your money you got told you would have to actually pay twice as much to get full use out of it, you would feel cheated wouldn’t you? Yet this practice is so commonplace with make money online sites. It should be stopped.

  8. Gina Gonzalez

    Hi Marcus, You are very good at pointing out details about online money making systems. What a great idea! I am sure your good advice comes with a lot of experience. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. It will save a lot of time and headache. Gina

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