1. Matt's Mom

    Wonderful information on how to succeed at affiliate marketing. I know when I first started, I didn’t know what they meant by, “pick a niche.” I fretted over it, over finding the right one. Then I guess I just had it come to me and now, I wouldn’t change the direction I have gone for anything. I have really big hopes for my site. Even if I am not making loads of money right now, I am loving what I am doing and I know one day I will!

    • Marcus

      Yes, niche selection can be a worry for many people at the beginning. I think the good thing about picking something you are interested in is that you can start writing content about it immediately. Then if you decide after a while that it’s not as profitable as you’d hoped, you can choose something else for your 2nd niche and then you can apply everything you learned the first time round about websites, keyword research, etc.

  2. Ilias

    Hi Marcus,

    I read carefully about the selection of the niches. I am new in this business but I chose my niche with a different way.

    I searched for keywords with very low competition and enough traffic even if did not have any idea about the topic. I finally started a health related niche with over 2000 searches per month but only 3-4 authority websites to compete.

    It is too soon to get results but I hope my way to work. I am motivated enough because I like researching and writing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Marcus

      Hey, well done! It sounds like you are on your way to affiliate marketing success with that new website. Of course, it will take time to build it up into a truly successful business, but that’s true of any business.

  3. Jojo

    A lot of great information here, I recognise a lot of it, especially the “mindset” part which is something I am constantly struggling with, I tend to work to little on my site, putting other things first.

    Also I agree completely that you need to create a solid foundation for your business, something that is of value for your readers. This way your business will work in the long run, your reputation will grow and you will be able to expand.

    Sure you can throw up a squeeze or bridge page and use advertising to send people to it. You might make money this way but it will never last and you will soon have start new projects. A solid business built on helping people can last a very long time.


    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s the key, people. As long as you are helping people achieve their goals, you stand a good chance of succeeding. Well, you do need to be selling products, of course, otherwise you won’t earn any money. But your focus definitely needs to be on matching people up with products that are going to 100% fulfill their requirements, not trying to sell people products that will earn you the most money per sale.

  4. Chris

    Hey Marcus,

    Great post. Really good commentary of the video. This should be good enough to get anyone to sign up and start out on the WA journey.

    I think the video was a great success in that it spelled out a lot of the advantages of joining Wealthy Affiliate and also tackled some of the doubts many people have about committing to something new.

    Will come back and look at your next posts soon. Best wishes, Chris

    • Marcus

      Thanks Chris. I hope to write a lot more posts like this based on trainign videos. My hope is that I can really help people. Then if they want to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate to watch the videos directly, that’s great.

  5. Jeremy Hood

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for this recap of Kyle’s live training, I haven’t watched it yet but now I’m excited to.

    I think hearing him talk about all of the important things to think about when it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing is motivating.

    I like the idea of promoting digital products, I need to do some research and find some more of those to promote.

    • Marcus

      I’m glad you liked it, Jeremy. Yes, digital products can be well worth promoting if you can find some that are relevant to your niche. The great thing is, you could promote a $50 product and get 50% of the commission, earning you $25 per sale. To get that commission from a physical product paying 10%, the product would need to cost $250, so people might be less likely to buy it. So digital product promotions can bring in a lot of sales if done right.

  6. Extremely detailed overview of how to succeed with internet marketing, Marcus.

    There are many an example of internet entrepreneurs crushing it online these days.

    It starts with a passion. That passion can be leveraged. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll be more likely to be a success whatever your niche is.

    Just A Marvelous Example Story of the journey to being a full-time internet marketer here, Thanks.

    • Thanks James. I definitely want to write more long posts like this about future training sessions. My hope is that my readers will find them genuinely helpful. If some of them decide they want to join Wealthy Affiliate to watch the videos directly, that’s great too.

  7. Martin

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for putting together such a great article. I have found it very useful and your section about building on a solid foundation and making sure you set your business for the long term was a real eye opener. I have attempted online businesses in the past but my downfall was a short term vision.

    Would you agree that you should start with the end in mind? For example thinking about what you would like your business to look like in 10 years time and take the necessary steps to make that happen?

    • Well, the problem with a 10 year plan is that a lot can change in 10 years. Once you have learned the fundamentals, I think the most important thing is getting into a solid routine of posting great content. But then you could have regular periods of reassessment where you look over how things have gone so far and think about things you can change or improve.

  8. Derek Marshall

    Bravo Marcus! an outstanding detailed assumption of the webinar. Although I had already seen the webinar reading this then watching again (which I am about to do!) really going to help to absorb the information fully.


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