1. Darren

    Hi Marcus. Interesting post. I actually sell some photos on several stock photo sites. I used to upload to a few others, but their selection criteria was just so stringent that I gave up on a few of them. It takes time to upload photos, fill in the description and masses of keywords, only to be told a few days later that it wasn’t approved because they have too many similar images. Plus, they don’t offer much of a payout per download, and that’s way less if people buy a subscription service.

    Your idea about cutting out the middleman and selling your own photos on your own site is a good one. When you utilise the training at Wealthy Affiliate to achieve good rankings and set up an attractive site, it really seems like a very viable option. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Rigo

    I completely agree with your post. There’s many websites out there that will pay you for your photos but pay far too little money. These websites make money from their photographers, but it’s not like photographers are selling thousands of photos a day to thousands of websites. I would agree that it is a much better option to start your own business instead of wasting your time making very small amounts of money and working too hard for that little money. Great article!

  3. Don

    Hi Marcus,

    I agree that selling photos online is much easier that doing it offline as you can address a much bigger audience.

    I’m sure that the three steps you shared with us are suitable for selling all kind of stuff, right?

    Building up a website looks rather easy and quick. How long does it take to have the framework a website?


  4. Juan

    You have a great website going on, very informative. You explain how to sell photos online that is easy to understand and in three simple steps. Building a free website is the first step, and probably the hardest. The fact that there is a software that offers free training which includes help from the community makes building a website not so terrifying. Thank you for the information.

  5. Lionismee

    Hi Marcus,
    Reading your post made me think of a friend who is a great photographer. She would really like to start a site like that. This is a well written post on building a website but I fail to see how it explains how to sell photographs online. From the title, I was expecting some info on actually marketing the photos and copy-write information and such. Do you have other posts with that kind of information?

  6. Lina

    Hello Marcus,
    You lead people to think what they can do with thousands of photos they have. Nowadays people always take pictures wherever they go with their camera. This is a new way to make money by creating a website to sell the photos and they can start with free training. Good bye to middleman.

  7. marcy

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for this another idea of making money online. You laid all the information needed on how to start the business until selling photos through website. Just one question: how you get paid with the sold photos from website since there is no middle man?
    I appreciate much your images, they are good. And the three steps that you put them in simplest way.
    Great job!


  8. Carlos

    I never thought about it, but looks like a great idea.
    Nowadays, with quite good cameras in our phones we always have hundreds of stored images that almost never will be used again.
    Those images aren’t generating any revenue and we think that aren’t interesting for anyone, but you never know.
    Set a fee website and try to sell our images ther is easy (not the selling part) and without much effort, with time and pacience can become passive way to earn some money.

    I’ll try it!

  9. Lee

    Hey there Marcus, I have a tonne of photos that I’ve taken over the years as it’s a hobby of mine. Actually, it’s more of a passion.

    I was showing a friend at work my collection of aircraft snaps the other day, mainly of the red arrows as he’s a huge fan, and he asked me why I didn’t start selling them.

    To be honest, I’d never even considered it until he mentioned it but it does seem like a great idea.

    My initial thought was selling them on Ebay but I thought I’d take a look around and see how others sell their photos online first which is how I ended up here.

    Image sites are a great idea, I’ll definitely look into that but it’s the thought of having my own website to showcase my work is very exciting I must admit.

    I really don’t have the first clue about websites though so I think I’ll sign up and take you up on your offer of help if I run into any problems. That’s if you don’t mind?

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your comment, Lee. Yes, owning your own website is definitely the way to go if you want long-term success. That way, you can gain authority over time and people will trust you as a source of high quality images. You might even then get other photographers wanting to sell their photos on your website, and so the business would grow ever bigger…

  10. Alex

    Hey Marcus Great post. I know many photographers are struggling and this is a great article to have them think outside the box. I can share that their is definitely a market for this since I pay about a dollar for each photo that I use on my blog. When the photographer has the website set up I would recommend to water mark their images so they cannot be stolen. Also I would recommend Instagram and Pintrest for social marketing. Creating a great Instagram account filled with you’re best work will make it seem like a professional portfolio. Thanks for reminding how well images rank, I need to go back and rename my photos! Thanks!

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Alex. Great advice about water marking the photos. I had forgotten all about that, but it’s a really great idea to stop people just downloading them.

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