1. An awesome post! Love the look of your website and found the content very easy to read. Well I guess I now know where to sell the countless CD’s I have!

  2. Hi Marcus
    It seems like you cover some good options here if one wants to get rid of some DVDs. I have found that with books at least, sometimes you really do not get a lot of money back on them when selling them. But having a site where you sell them yourself might be helpful. However, one would have to have quite a bit of DVDs to sell or sell others’ as well.

  3. I had no idea there were special websites for selling DVD’s. Great information on your site. Does it matter what music genre they are? I am learning so much looking at other sites. Do you think you will set up some sort of system on your web site for selling DVD’s? Good luck great website?

  4. Excellent and thank you. I have tons of DVDs I want to part with but did not want to throw them away. I will look into this and hopefully take a decent price for them.

    Thanks for the information


  5. Hello,
    I am really glad to have found this great website and the link for selling CDs. I have many CDs that I no longer want. I was shocked at how very little Amazon pays for CD’s in excellent condition.

    Thanks for sharing great information and I look forward to reading more.


  6. Jason

    Awesome, my ever expanding pile of DVDs is starting to get a bit too much. With the knowledge I have gained here I think it is time to start getting rid of them. Cheers.

  7. Jay

    Hey Marcus,

    I really didn’t know you could sell DVDs online! That’s pretty cool. I guess if you had enough of them sitting around, that could flip into some good cash. I don’t think I could ever get rid of my DVD collection though. Especially if some site was just giving me lowball prices! No thanks!

    Awesome article! Good info to have! Thank you!

  8. khan

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for providing this useful information. I have never thought in that way and you have opened my mind and we can get a lot of useful ideas from this article, even other than DVDs.

    Personally I prefer to create my on website and sell items but my question is “what is your suggestion”?

  9. John

    Hi Markus, every time that I start work on my site I get carried away with the content, internal links etc. and now reading through your article about blogging and layout I am reminded of the important things. Great site and well laid out.
    Absolutely agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate! It’s right up there at the top.
    All the best, John.

  10. steve

    really like this article as internet is full of pesky scammers wanting your hard earned cash and there getting better at disguising them selfs, luckily ive never been scammed as i am very weary but i have learned a bit more from this article so thank you, also ive a whole collection of dvds that dont use anymore as mainly go digital now so instead of packing the boot of the car to sell might just sit in my chair and do the same

  11. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,
    I like the idea of creating my own website to sell DVDs, very clever! I can totally make a business out of it and sell not just my DVDs but other related items too.

    This is so cool, I’ve always wanted to do this but never knew how. Just a question though, is there any way for me to automate things so that I don;t have to reply people manually? awesome article btw

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