1. alisonklingvall

    Hi Marcus,

    Another great example here with the coins.

    It’s incredible that there is so much information about how to photograph particular items and auction them and being a total newbie at all of this having someone point out all of this is great. It’s like a whole new world of possibilities.

    I really like how you’ve used some less obvious examples to illustrate the point.

    All the best,


  2. Michel

    Hi Marcus,

    Interesting post. I have always been curious about selling on Ebay, but never gone into it further.

    I wonder if it would work, shipping wise to sell from South Africa. Is it location specific. I imagine shipping costs could be quite high if having to continually post items overseas.

  3. Chris

    Some solid advice on selling coins on ebay here – these tips actually work for 99% of products ( not only coins! ). The main downfall newbies hit on ebay is setting the price to high. People scan through the results and only stop at the low price items – sure it’s a risk but a lot more people will get to see your item with a 0.99 starting price!

  4. s a h

    Hello there I love this website because its all about making money and I love to make money but might I add that I love the information you have about selling coins and the video on the site is fantastic it is a real eye opener from my point of view like but yea all great well done

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