1. Fezho

    Great info! Really clear explanation on how to research a new niche. I usually researched a new niche the optimistic way, and I encountered some of the problems you mentioned. So this was really helpful to me, diffidently going to use your tips the next time a chose a new niche!

  2. fernglow

    Hi Marcus! Really well written post about niche selection. I wished I had seen this before starting but since I have started on niche already then I guess I’ll use this for my future websites that I am doing. Really liked how you wrote it so comprehensively but still so easy to understand and really looking forward to your next articles!

  3. Weston

    Hi, Marcus.

    Great advice! I know I get excited about a niche that has big and expensive products that could potentially earn me a large commission. But realistically, like you said, there would be fewer purchases and people take longer to decide to make a purchase or not.

    The 70% realism and 30% optimism is a good rule while researching niches.

    I think the most important part for me to remember is to study my audience. Who would buy these kinds of products? Who would be interested in this niche?

    I appreciated that you included the Q & A section in your post. Thank you for all this information! It really helped!


  4. Gaurav Heera

    Great read, Always looking for extra cash, I can see the information on the web are overload. Yes, we need to step back at times and see where we are headed. I have had to evaluate lately where I need to put my energies into. Will drop a couple of websites, due to the lack of heart I have in it.
    Love your tips! I agree with you, Looking forward to seeing your notes posted. The information you have posted is very useful. Keep going on, good stuff.

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