1. William

    Hi Marcus. Excellent post on how to make money from ebay. I never knew this was an option, I much like you state at the beginning thought you could only list and sell your own items. I am going to have to look into the ebay program and see if I can get that to work for me. I have an amazon affiliate account, but I will be looking into an ebay one as well. Thanks again for the informative post, keep up the good work.

  2. conformancefugitive.com

    Wow, great post here – I’m currently a member of Amazons affiliate marketing scheme, but I’ve noticed that they only drive traffic to a single countries website – ie. I’m from the UK, so post reviews in £, but they don’t change the listings to $ or the .com site for my traffic from the US… it’s really useful to know that ebay do this automatically – I may have to switch in future!!
    Thank you for sharing!!

    • Marcus

      You can actually get a WordPress plugin that will redirect your traffic towards whichever version if Amazon is relevant to where they live. The only problem is, I think they insert their own affiliate links in 1% of the time. But I suppose that is just a way of paying for it without having to pay for it up front, which is fair enough I suppose. But yeah, it’s great that eBay do it automatically.

  3. Phil

    Hi Marcus,

    I have always tough eBay was more to sell your old stuff or things like that. It is always that way I have saw people use it. I do have an affiliate website myself, promoting Amazon. Do you think it is a good Idea to promote items in two different affiliate program at the same time?


    • Marcus

      Wat you could do is to review the product and then at the end have links to both Amazon and eBay and say something like: “Prices do vary, so it’s worth checking both Amazon and eBay to see which currently has the best price”.

  4. joyce

    This website is very informative and helpful with getting people started on making money online. I found your articles very helpful to read and motivational. The way the website is set out is very well done. the visual aspects work well with keeping the reader interested in what you are writing about.

  5. Mike

    I promote both Amazon and eBay products on my sites. I like them both very much. They are both easy to use and have high-converting products in most any niche. I like using both on the same site because I often find complimentary products from each venue. I don’t worry about duplication.

  6. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,
    This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn how to earn from eBay but never found the right guide until I came across yours.

    Writing product reviews is a great way to earn online, why didn’t I think of that? But compared to Amazon, does eBay’s affiliate program reward you with more benefits?

  7. Hi Marcus
    You site is one of the most helpful and informative ones I have seen.
    I did not realise that Ebay had an Affiliate network, it is certainly one
    that sounds worth trying.
    Very many thanks for the info
    Chrissie 🙂

    • Thankk you, Chrissie. Yes, eBay have had an affiliate network for years, but many people don’t seem to know about it. But a lot of people buy things on eBay, so it’s worth being a member of their affiliate program.

  8. john

    Hi getting approved on eBay partner network is now instant and open to anyone. Payments are not fast if you get any at all. What happened to me with eBay partner network has also happened to some of my friends and if you do a google search you will find that what happened to me and some of my friends has also happened to many others around the world. I reckon that anyone claiming to make money with eBay partner network are paid by eBay partner network to say so. You know, a bit like those scam websites that use fiver.com to state that they have made thousands in one month. This is the type of business that eBay partner network are proving to be with the more time that passes.

    Anyway, here is what happened to me with eBay partner network along with some of my friends along with the rest of the world that begins to earn good money with eBay partner network.

    The moment eBay partner network begins to sort out payments (first week of the month) for the previous month earnings,
    they either issue an AS77on your account (termination of your account due to low quality traffic) or an LS43 on your account (termination of your account plus a 100% reversal of all earnings due to non bona fide transactions).

    What is interesting to note is that after some extensive research, me, some of my friends and the rest of the world did nothing wrong. We have all had good quality traffic (BUYERS) and NOT clicked on our own content as that would be classed as non bona fide transactions.

    So what is the problem

    Now after some extensive research, it is evident that eBay partner network issue out AS77,s when earnings are low and issue out LS43’s when earnings are high.

    eBay partner network get you to join by telling you how easy it is to make money and offering double commissions for the first 3 months making the payment structure look brilliant along with eBay’s so called trusted name. This is enough to make most people think that eBay partner network is the best thing since the invention of the wheel. eBay partner network does not want you earning money. Why would they. You spend hours if not days sending traffic to eBay. Traffic turns into buyers. eBay earns money. But now they have to give it to you via the eBay partner network program. low and behold, You have just been issued an AS77 or an LS43.

    Join eBay partner network at you own risk and expect eBay partner network to legally steal your money.

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