1. Marc Cantave

    As a member of Wealthy affiliate, you promoted the site well as I actually learned more. Internet marketing is new to me and I am glad I stumbled onto your site and read on. There is great material here and You are doing a good services to others by warning them of the potential scams out there. Internet marketing is tricky but people will have good guidance with your site.

  2. Marie

    Hi Marcus – I love that phrase ‘shiny object syndrome’, unfortunately it’s a real pull particularly if people are feeling stressed and financially vulnerable. But you are absolutely right they are scams, you need to look for a more sustainable option.

    I’ve also been a member of wealthy affiliate and they are very quick to say they are not a quick rich scheme but a training and support site. I think that between sites like this and wealthy affiliate it is easy to develop an online business with proper support, it still needs a lot of work though as I’m sure you’ll agree?

  3. David Mapugilo

    Thanks Marcus1978
    I think what is missing is the what side. l think you need to explain on what Internet marketing is.
    Some of the readers are new and would like to know the general concept of Internet marketing whiere by you may try to explain in nutshell may be internet marketing as the concept of marketing that uses internet to connect the buyer and the seller; and that there is a great opportunity in meeting more than 2 billion customers online.

  4. Victoria

    Hi Marcus
    Great work . Your layout, choice of colours etc make it so each to navigate through your website.

    It is right when you say that if someone looks at an offer of making a fair amount of income without doing much and simply jumps on the bandwagon hoping to become a millionaire is simply throwing their money away and will run into trouble.
    Further on, your explanation or Wealthy Affiliate is spot on – portraying as it truly is – a site providing training, tools and support.

    Congratulation on your good work


  5. rufat

    I think it’s extremely important to learn internet marketing and understand how to make money online before getting involved in making money. Most people think that they don’t need to learn anything, just an internet connection and a revolutionary program and that’s it. This is a direct way to falling a victim to multiple internet scams. Fortunately, the program you recommend is the same program that saved me from scams and taught me how to make money through hard work and patience and I’m already earning revenue and hope I will quit my job in 2016.

  6. marc

    Hi Marcus, great article. I myself have tried and failed at many earn money online scams, so its great to see a site with such good information and guidance. I also completely agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate, It is an amazing place to learn and interact with successful online entrepreneurs. Keep up the good work.

  7. John Rico

    Do you recommend internet marketing even if I don’t have any previous experience? Actually I heard that it really is worth it and the pay is really good. I am trying to learn it as fast as possible. Can wealthy affiliate cater my needs? What I need is step by step training that can help me start my online business.

    • Marcus

      Normally I would say that it can be difficult for a new person to get into, but with Wealthy Affiliate the training is very newbie friendly and really does take you by the hand through everything.

    • Marcus

      Normally I would say that it can be difficult for a new person to get into, but with Wealthy Affiliate the training is very newbie friendly and really does take you by the hand through everything.

  8. Viljoen

    I have to admit but my heart jumped when I saw that add about making more than $1000 per day LOL. These ads always used to catch my attention but now I barely see them.

    Maybe it is because I have reviewed so many of these scams that I got immune to them. Making money online is very possible but it takes a lot of work and time to accomplish.

  9. Ian

    I agree that many people have Shiny Object Syndrome and want an easy way to make money. Unfortunately, in this world, we still need to work for our money and WA is no exception.

    What WA does is gives us the tools to accomplish our dreams.

    Well done, keep up the good work.

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