1. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Marcus,

    I was pleased to read on how to learn to make money from a blog. I highly recommend people follow everything that this article has to use to get started. For this is the same way I started when created my website everything is laid so well that even a beginner can follow through with no problems. In addition, best of all you get 10 free emails just for signing up.

    Yours Truly,

  2. Jane

    This is a great article with a lot of useful information, thank you for posting. I am particularly interested in the Site Rubix and building a site for free. Is it really free? What if I don’t know how to build my own site? Thanks in advance for any info you might provide.

  3. Yerko Fernandez

    Hey Marcus, nice article you got there, I’m not really interested in promoting things with amazon or ebay yet, but it’s nice to know that you’ve got various guides regarding the subject. Thanks for teaching us how to do just that with great detail, I’ll make sure to bookmark your website so that I can come back later. Keep it up!

  4. Andres Santos

    Good article on making money with a blog. This is one subject you can write about for months lol. The Amazon and eBay lessons are very good ones. But you know you’ve barely broken the surface on this one. I’m not looking to be a big Amazon affiliate, but if I mention a book or product in a blog post, I go ahead and put the affiliate link in there. Money is money right lol?

  5. bioelectrobot

    This is a great way to introduce a topic or at least provide a starting point for gathering more information. I like the brevity in this page and the option to go to other pages to read more. The bulleted list of topics is quite useful as I decide how to best spend my reading time. Also, thanks for sharing information about what to expect if I decide to click the link and read the article. You mentioned that the blog posts are quite long. This is good as it allows me to bookmark the page and come back when I know I will have time to read the post. My first thought was that a short summary of the article might be helpful, however, after viewing the list of topics covered my summarization needs were met. Good format and presentation. Thanks.

  6. Viljoen

    There is also other more private and specific affiliate network out there. The only problem that I have with Amazon is their low commission rate and that they do not pay via Paypal.

    Rakuten Linkshare is also a great network to join and they also added PayPal as one of their payment methods recently.

  7. Alexey

    Hi its Alexey,
    I read your post, I enjoyed it a lot and actually learned a bunch of things – thank you.
    Secondly, I liked that you tell the truth from the beginning – That its not the place for get rich quick dudes, its a business and it takes time to build one.
    I will focus on amazon or ebay soon, for now I am only learning but your info here was very helpful – Thanks Marcus!

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