1. I’ve been through a lot of premium themes in my 18 months online, including Avada, X Theme, Studiopress.

    Now I have Thrive themes and the plugin you mentioned, Thrive Leads, is incredibly easy to use.

    In fact, out of all of the themes/plugins I’ve used, Thrive is the easiest.

    Thrive themes are simple and they are designed to convert.

    I might just make a youtube video to exemplify how easy it is.

    So, I really do not know why Jay would say Thrive leads is difficult to use because I find it so much easier than anything else, including Sumome plugin.

    The content builder is super easy, too. Everything you see on screen is what the visitor sees. It’s a “front end” page builder as opposed to those where you have to open a new tab and refresh the page for a preview, often times not getting what you expect.


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