1. Jesse

    Hey Marcus, great article on doing some keyword research. The keyword tool at WA is definitely a handy tool to have when writing content for a website. I also really love using Jaaxy as it works just as good and expands with even more capabilities. You did a good job showing how to do keyword research in a very simple broken down way.

  2. Forrest

    Marcus, thank you for this. You have taken the mystery out of looking for keywords and you have taught me that by digging deeper, it will reveal better keywords

  3. Emanuel

    Hello Marcus.
    I’m starting an online business, and I was with some difficulty finding good keywords, but I finally found a site where everything is explained in detail.
    It is simple, and best of all, it’s free.
    You saved my day.Can´t wait for another post.

  4. edy

    Hello Marcus!
    Awesome Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool walk through here.
    I am also using this for finding the best keywords within my site. This tool is very accurate in showing monthly searches and competitions.
    I highly recommend people who are serious in getting Google traffic to check out this powerful tool by Wealthy Affiliate.
    Anyway, well structured information.


  5. Hey Marcus, Good job. I really like the way you broke it all down. You always seem to write well so that everyone can understand it. Just a question have you looked at Jaaxy and then Jaaxy pro and is Jaaxy pro worth the $500+ per yr.

  6. Alex

    Hello Marcus, I’ve been a member of WA for a while but I didn’t really know how to properly use the KW tool, the dig feature exactly, I didn’t know what it did. Now the research goes much faster, all thanks to not having to write or paste keywords over and over.
    Thanks for this

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