1. Ehab

    Hello Marcus,

    Great article & very easy to understand, before i thought that creating a new website is very complicated till i found wealthy affiliate, i was able to create my website just in a couple of minutes, awesome community & everyday you are learning new things to develop your website & therefore your business too

    Thanks for sharing,Ehab

  2. Athanasia

    Hello Marcus 🙂
    I just read your article and I just love the way you put things; simple and clear. It’s really no reason to make it more complicated. I will also read “How to promote Amazon Products on your Blog” and “How to make money from eBay”. I think your perspective will really help my complicated way of thinking.
    Thank you! 😉

  3. Edward

    Hi Marcus, building a website has indeed became a lot easier with the rise of content management systems like wordpress.
    Now it’s even better because new bloggers don’t even have to pay for domain and hosting anymore. I personally benefited from siterubix when I started my very first website
    Thanks for sharing the video. It’s very helpful to setup a website quickly!

  4. Gin

    Hey Marcus! It’s a great post you have with very helpful information put together here. Do you recommend Wix over WordPress? I am thinking of building a site with an artistic slant and I’ve heard some advice that Wix is better in that aspect.. And how much does a site’s appearance affect its potential to earn? Does it affect the user’s tendency to click on a link or purchase an item? Thanks again for the awesome post.

    • Marcus

      Hi, Gin. I always recommend WordPress for building most websites, because it gives you so much control and is so easy to use.

  5. Alblue

    Hi Marcus, I agree with you. WordPress is really the best website and easy to customize too. I’ve used Blogspot years ago, but the customization is a bit limited and the variety of theme is not really that “varied”.

    It is amazing that I can build a website with Siterubix easily. I’ve tried it and it really alive, just less than a minute!

    Thank you for this amazing article. Now I can really try to make money using the website 🙂

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