1. Ananda

    Thank you so much Marcus for sharing genuine way of making money online. I like your honest feedback on NeoBux. I have been looking online for ways to make money online by working at home.

    Wealthy Affiliate looks genuine. I have taken free membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Seems it has wonderful training on online entrepreneur.

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your comment, Ananda. I’m glad your found it helpful. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has some awsome training. Well worth doing, in my opinion.

      • Little King

        Hello Marcus! I just went through your Neobux review and guess what? I strongly disagree.
        With a good amount of rented referrals, you can earn a decent amount of money by doing almost nothing. Yes, nothing at all. So, I reccomend you look into neobux a bit more. Thanks

        • Please can you provide some more information. How many referrals? How did you get the referrals? How long did it take to get them? And how much money do you get from those referrals?

  2. Tan

    Thanks for doing all the sums for us Marcus! I totally agree with you – I have been given some opportunities to join schemes to make money online by purely clicking on advertising, and although I have been shown by people that I trust that you can actually make money, I couldn’t think of a more boring & unproductive way to spend my time. So yep that’s why I’m also now investigating affiliate marketing.. would rather put effort into providing something useful online, and hopefully in time it will pay off!

    • Marcus

      My thoughts exactly, Tan! I can’t think of a more dull way to earn money than clicking adverts all day long.

  3. wesley

    Hi Marcus
    Thank you for sharing your review on Neobux. The program sounds like it is easy and free money rolling. However, it is actually a tedious and time consuming effort just to earn a few cents. The time is better spent on creating good websites and earn affiliate commissions. I think Goggle AdSense pays more than Neobux.

    • Marcus

      Yes, exactly! Why would anyone want to spend all day long clicking ads? Personally, I would probably go insane if I did that all day every day.

  4. Andrew

    Hi Marcus, thank you so much for this review on neobux. You have covered it really well. I like how you provided the comparison tables and also did the calculations to really point out that this method of making money online is not worth it. I will definitely be staying away from neobux. My time can be better spent learning about affiliate marketing and have greater success longer term.

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Andrew. Yes, you are far better spending your time building up a good website, or possibly several websites. That will be more interesting and also bring you a lot more money in the long term.

  5. Andreas

    I am total with your insights and opinions about neobux. I got dragged into that site a couple of years ago, invested some money (like 100-150ish USD), and “earned thousands” according to my account’s stats – which had to be used to re-invest for extending the bot/admin controlled referrals.

    My plans were heading for an Ultimate membership, but instead, I decided to close my account about three weeks ago. I pulled more than 300 USD from neobux since. My account will still provide me 25+ USD per 4 days for at least another 6 months and will earn more than 5+ USD per 4 days for at least another year. So it’s not a loss (money-wise) for me at all.

    Yet, it’s not worth the time at all. The admin is a forum nazi, too. I tried to complain about their mods not answering to posts in the neobux forums, but editing their replies into the questions. Being a community manager of a huge online game, I know that this is utter bullshit. The RSS feature on their forums is rendered pointless as you won’t get any message for the mods’ replies as is the feature of “follow a thread”.

    This critique earned me a life-long ban on their forums! I tried to appeal and learned how much the admin has an exaggerated opinion of himself. Really, really ridiculous.

    Why I quit? Well, the alexa.com stats are showing that neobux is struggling already. Massively. I want to get as much money as possible before it closes. It may pull the trick another time and stay for a couple more years. Yet, it’s not worth the time as you’re forced to be online daily, click daily, evaluate your (botted) referrals’ behaviour, recycle, rent, extend etc., etc., etc.

    Why I think that the refs are either bots or their credited clicks are admin controlled? Here’s my answer:

    As long as you’re a standard member, it’s common to have the referrals click at least for creating an average of 1.3, usually above 1.5 to 2.x, if you have some good recycling strategy (which also drains your income…).

    Once you buy the Golden membership, this average will drop massively within 2ish weeks. Down to a level, which will force you to recycle a lot. You’ll barely earn any money now. Even the Ultimate members are currently moaning about their decreasing income. Some of them invested hundreds of USD in order to receive 10ish UDS per months (after subtracting all needed investments like recycling, extending etc.).

    “Coincidentally”, once you drop your Golden/extra membership, your rented refs average will increase again. I am in contact with more than two dozen of users (partially formerly now), which confirmed this observation.

    Now, how can the average amount of credited clicks of your referrals behave like this without being controlled by the system?

    As said, I made my conclusion, I really earned some money at neobux and still do. Yet, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone to invest anything. If you want to invest time, click daily, fulfil some tasks called “minijobs” and enjoy the income every month. But don’t expect some passive income which is more than just a small, small pocket money. For the long term, I rather would not invest any money into this project. Check the alexa.com ranks (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/neobux.com), which prove that they dropped from top 50 worldwide to “about to be dropped” out of the top 1000 websites now.

    • Thanks for that, Andreas. That was a really interesting read. It’s great that you earned some money, but it does sound like a lot of bad things happen at Neobux.

      • Andreas

        You cannot imagine the atmosphere in their forums lately. Unfortunately, one can only see the tip of the iceberg because the moderators do a great job with removing any questioning or sceptical posts in their forums pretty quickly after they are published. And of course, the whole “community system” at neobux is blocking any member-to-member communications.

        They even shut down the only (unmoderated) option for users to discuss things and stay in contact:
        In particular point 3 is a joke, isn’t it? Because there are like a dozen public requests week by week in their forums for a possibility to contact other users…
        The tone in the German subforum (I’m native German) is going down the drain day by day as well. As goes the activity in there. There used to be quite a several dozens of posts per day, this is down to 2-5 per week now – most of them being a crap post about winning an adprize worth less than 1/100 US Cent. Those posts are made by kids who want to increase their posting counters.

        I know, I may be deemed as being biassed about their moderation due to my perma-ban in their forums. But as said, I got banned for questioning the reason I explained in my earlier comment. (And I could provide the back-and-forth conversations with the support about it.)

        Yet another user is still happily writing in there, although he’s constantly making “nazi jokes and comments” suchlike “well, the Netherlands aren’t big, we could cross it with our tanks within less a day as we already proved in the past history”. I’ve reported that user multiple times in the past, without any result (for him at least).

        Facit: You can blame others, swear or even make nazi references in their forums. You just cannot post any questioning comments about neobux. 😉

        It’s still one of the better PTC websites on the internet and pretty reliable thus far. I. e. they pay instantly, I’ve never heard about any issue in this regard which wasn’t caused on user’s side.

        I just don’t see them working well in the future. That’s why I decided to cash-out my account, which will still take more than one year (given, that neobux still exists at that time).

        P. S.: Watching your example at YouTube looked like an attempt to make members join because you can count yourself a lucky guy if you manage to catch two or three ads during the whole day worth 0.005 USD each. ;-D People would be happy to find that many of them in a month like you did when you just opened that account. Must have been an extraordinary day with someone purchasing loads of ads. Just like 1-2 weeks ago, when Trafficmonsoon advertised loads of (0.001 USD though) ads at neobux, assumedly in order to earn some final money before that PONZI scheme page got closed.

        • Sounds awful, but it doesn’t completey surprise me. A lot of online communities tend to band people if they question the nature of the community or speak badly about it. What I find totally absurd, though, is that it is going to take you a whole year to get your money? That’s totally ridiculous!

          • Andreas

            No, I can pull off all the money in my account every 4 days (which is what I’m doing). But I currently have 1250 rented referrals, some of which are extended for about a year. So they will continue to create money every day until they expire.

            Secondly, I won another Golden Membership a couple of months ago, which means my Golden status will stay until July 2017. Until then, I’ll have gathered enough “neopoints” to extend the Golden membership for another year. You cannot pay out those points, yet one could use them to extend referrals. I’m not totally sure whether I should extend my membership or referrals. The Golden Membership would be the better deal (money-wise).

            So, I’m letting the referrals expire now, down to a number of 500, which offers the best possible break-even point for a Golden member.

            Whether I’ll extend those 500 in order to synchronise their expiry date with the Golden membership’s one or whether I’ll not extend – I’ll decide this just in time when due. And I’ll evaluate the situation at that point of time in order to do so.

            I just won’t put any effort into my account anymore. Clicking each day in order to get paid for the referrals’ clicks, that’s it. I don’t do any evaluation of the referrals’ stats (you have to export all statistics daily, evaluate them, find the weak ones, create a good recycling strategy for them etc.). So the time I have to spend for maintaining my account is down to 5ish minutes per day, it was at least 30-60 minutes per day in order to keep the account growing.

            I’m just cashing out whenever possible at the moment, just to be sure that I didn’t miss any opportunity to do so – in the case of neobux suddenly closes down one day.

          • This all sounds rather complicated. Renting referrals, recycling, exporting statistics. It’s nowhere near as simple as one might think from looking at the sales page.

      • Little King

        [URL removed]
        that’s just one of the very positive and honest reviews of neobux. this review is the first negative review of neobux i have ever seen
        -”people have bad things to say about neobux because they are stupid”

        • But they only earned $41.119 in 6 months. That’s only $6.85 per month (or $0.23 per day). Also, they had to view 10,643 ads to earn that money, so that means they only got paid $0.0038634783425726 per ad.

          If someone is at least fairly literate, and they want a quick way to earn money, their time would be better spent writing articles for people on Fiverr. That’s not great pay either, but it would be a lot better than Neobux. Even if they onnly wrote 1 article per day on Fiverr, that would earn them $4, which would be $3.77 more than Neobux.

  6. WMP

    Thanks for doing such a great review of Neobux, I think it’s great that you don’t have to pay any money with this. However, it’s setup in such a way that makes it very difficult to earn residual income from it which defeats the whole purpose of having a business in the first place. We all need to be very careful when investing our time or money into an online business because most of them are not legit.

    • Marcus

      Yes, I think if someone wants to earn money long term they are far better creating a website and spending their time creating high quality content. That’s where the real success is, I think.

  7. Ahmed

    Don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical giving such a negative review on neobux while putting up your referral link?
    Anyway, I disagree with what you said. You might want to check the neobux forum and read the success stories section.
    You will earn a fraction of what you showed in the picture with the projection numbers since you put the average to be 4 which almost never happens. Plus it doesn’t take ALL DAY to view ads but actually only a couple of minutes plus a little bit of thinking and managment from your part to correctly manage the rented referrals which would take a maximum of 30 minutes. 30 minutes for me basically doing nothing and earning whatever it gets to be, not a bad idea imo.
    As a main income source of course not, but as something to be playing with on the side, sure why not.
    Thanks for reading my comment.

    • Well, my thinking at the time was that if someone was foolish enough to sign up for something even though I recommend that they don’t, they can sign up through my affiliate link. If they would have signed up anyway regardless, I’m happy to have the referral. I’m not saying I’m certain that’s the right thing to do. I’m just explaining that was my thinking at the time.

  8. Yuri

    Thanks for good review. I am just wondering how much you can really earn having 300 rented referrals (probably bots), making recycling, renewing and clicking your adds. Thanks.

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