1. Chris

    Love the ideas you’ve covered here Marcus – perfect for students! I’d always recommend going down the Ebay avenue – it’s amazing the things you can get rid of on that platform.
    Great article, thanks for sharing

  2. Marilyn

    What a clever idea to go through and address all these ideas in the way you’ve done. I agree with you that “paid to survey” would drive you round the bend. I’ve never done it but from everything I’ve read and seen I think it’s basically a con. Slave market! Oh well… but there were some other great ideas too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hilda

    Those are really awesome, legit and effective ways to make some money during the summer holidays! I really need to learn how to sell stuff on Ebay….there are many things I don`t use anymore and are in perfect conditions. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rick

    These are all legitimate ways to earn money for a little bit of work. I have used many of these myself and have always wanted to do the house sitting one. In fact my gf and I have a beautful home with pets that we wish we cojld find a trusted house sitter for our vacation time.

    Do you know where to look for trustworthy house sitters in our area?


  5. Cathy

    Of all the methods you mentioned above, I personally feel AirBnb and eBay have got potential to become long term income resource.

    AirBnb deals with property so if you have a well maintained property situated in a strategic location, you are in for a good deal. The setback is AirBnb only does the listing; they don’t have much promotional feature for you. A better idea is to promote your property via your own website. If you know how to optimize search, there is a better chance of showcasing your property online.

    Ebay has evolved a lot since the ‘garage sales’ day. You can now set up your own store within eBay, so in a way, you are running an online business. The biggest setback is probably all the processing fee involved. You may want to sell higher priced item to gain more profit margin.

  6. mark

    Hi Marcus,

    Great post mate, however i think a lot of what was suggested can at best only make someone extra money to top up their income from their job. Well eBay may be the exception depending on what they are trying to sell and in what volumes. I think you are correct with your suggestion on affiliate marketing as you have the scope to make much more than just a second income.

  7. Donna

    Hello Marcus,

    I enjoyed reading this information. I joined Care.com to look at profiles of potential pet sitters. I found Care.com to be rather expensive in regards to an ongoing monthly rate. I found a great person immediately and cancelled the service. I agree with you 100% in regards to the surveys.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise with your readers.


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