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Want to earn money online? Here’s how…


Maybe you’re unemployed and looking to create your own job by starting up your own online business? Or maybe you’re just looking for some extra cash to supplement your existing income? Whatever you reasons for wanting to earn money online, there are right ways to go about it and wrong ways to go about it.

Here are some genuine ways to earn money online…

Get Paid to Write Articles


Sure, a lot of freelancing websites contain lots of people looking to only pay you a dollar or two per article, but there are places where you can get paid a more reasonable amount. One of those places is

Textbroker does two key things that make it easier to earn money from your writing:

  1. They act as a middleman between writers and those wanting articles, which saves you time of having to apply to lots of different writing jobs. Just choose the articles you want to write and then write them. Textbroker handles everything else.
  2. You get paid significantly more per article than you are likely to on freelancing websites. Textbroker offers set rates for articles, so there’s no need to negotiate on price.

Get Paid to Do Something You Enjoy


Got good Photoshop skills? Good at recording videos? Enjoy designing killer logos? Whatever your skill, there’s surely someone out there looking to pay you for it. That’s where Fiverr comes in.

Similar to Textbroker, the great thing about Fiverr is the set price. $5 for everything, although there is one sneaky way you can earn more, by adding “extras” to your gigs. But the key thing with Fiverr is that it brings together those who enjoy creating stuff with those who want to buy the stuff that people create. Simple really.

Run Your Own Online Business

Although the methods of earning money mentioned above do work, they are not likely to give you a long-term residual income that will lead to true financial freedom. To do that you need to build up your own online business. This could easily be based around something that you are interested in or even passionate about. All you need is a professional looking website and to be able to address some kind of need that many people have.

“But I don’t know how to make a website!”


If you’ve never built a website before, or have tried and failed, don’t worry. These days, building a website is as easy as word processing. Honestly, if you can turn on a computer, you can make a great looking website.

To find out how you can easily build a website today, take a look at my in-depth article on the subject:

“But I don’t know how to run an online business!”

Again, this really no-barrier to you getting started on setting up your own business online. The super helpful guys over at Wealthy Affiliate are offering a free account so you can take a look inside at the wonderful TRAINING and SUPPORT that is on offer.

And even if you don’t want to take the step of signing up with a free account, you can click the link below to take a quick look at the first lesson of the course:

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Here’s what you get with your free account:

  • 10 free lessons – learn the basics of internet marketing, choosing a niche, setting up your first website and creating great content.
  • 2 free websites – as you learn about how to set up website, Wealthy Affiliate will let you have 2 for free.
  • 2 training classrooms – ask questions and get help if you get stuck. You’re never on your own at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Keyword tool – get 30 free searches to help you get started on creating targeted content on your new website.

Need my personal help?

Still not sure about what to do? If you have any questions or just need a helping hand with getting started, post a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

Alternatively, you can visit my profile on Wealthy Affiliate. If you connect to me on there, I will be available to personally help you and answer any questions you might have.

Wishing you success!