1. Chris

    These scams are so easy to point out. You explained it perfectly. It is almost like they are too desperate. This makes me suspicious. I guess you never know until you find out!

    Thank you for informing me about the manipulative headlines that are used in scams.

  2. Third Back

    good post, that’s totally insane, i mean really a $3,000 per hour, even a millionaire won’t get that much money easily, we should be a more careful, not easily fool by those false promise, scam are the most annoying thing that could happen to us, hope we never encounter that false promise.

  3. Damon

    You have really nailed many of the catch phrases these companies use to lure unsuspecting people into these scam programs. Good Job and great information on how to stay clear of these scam sites, and what to look for when trying to stay clear. 🙂

  4. Emily

    hi Marcus!
    as usual I enjoyed your posts and your honesty. I am so tired of seeing websites like those you described. With the false claims and banner flashing everywhere! Do people actually still buy into them? I guess if someone is uninformed they might be tempted by the promise of big money. However, there is truly nothing that easy in life. Making 3000$ an hour? yeah not happening…

  5. Hayley

    I had never looked at the messages that way before, I just assumed that anything with red letters was a scam. Thanks for pointing out less obvious (no red letters) scams as well.

    • Yes, I’m the same. I just assume that these types of headlines are scams. Well, they must fool enough people, otherwise they wouldn’t waste their time using them.

  6. Donna

    Great article, this is the first time I have come across someone talking about the catch phrases used by these people. Good to be aware of how they pull you in just like commercials on t.v. Thanks for sharing this valuable info.

  7. Loes

    As long as there are people falling for these phrases, they will be used on the internet Marcus, and I believe they really make that money themselves, with scamming the poor poeple who fall for a payment, and some do not even lie when they tell, I am making $3000 a day, they probably will make that kind of money, just don’t expect you will do too. No you are the one providing that income. I like your No.1 recommodation, affiliate marketing is a great honest way to make legit money online, greetings Loes

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