1. Chris

    Top review – truthful and to the point!
    I can vouch for all the things you have said here as I was able to work full time from home due to this wonderful online university. If I’m honest with you – the initial free training was more than enough to supply me with the knowledge to succeed but I thought I would sign up full time to give a little something back. I now run 4 websites for a living on topics I love – I wake up every morning with a smile on my face thanks to the WA training 🙂

    • Marcus

      That great Chris! To be running 4 websites on topics you love, that must be a lot of fun! Then it doesn’t quite feel so much like work, does it?

  2. rufat

    Wealthy Affiliate definitely works for everyone if they are willing to work hard towards their own success. Inside WA you have access to everything you may need to build an online business. In fact, WA training can be applied to any niche. You can sell items from sites like Amazon and Ebay and get paid as an affiliate. You can build a travel site or sell perfumes or whatever you want. Opportunities are countless and anyone can make money online as much as they want which directly depends on the amount of time you are willing to put in your online project.

  3. Michel

    Well thought out review.

    The trouble is most people searching to make money online want to make money tomorrow. Anything good is worth working for and takes time and patience.

    I like that your post explains this and exactly what they will get with WA. This article will draw out the hard workers and not the get rich quick types.

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s very true, Michel. If people are looking for a get rich quick scheme, I’m not interested, they can leave my website. If someone is genuinely interested in working towards the longer term goal of building a profitable website, then I’ve got time for them.

  4. Joanne

    I love Wealthy Affiliate! I have been with them several years and one of my websites earned me a lot of money until the business I was marketing failed! (a shame but that’s life). Now I know what to do, I am building more.

    I have seen how successful it is for myself and the best thing is that it’s a business you own unlike all the mlm type businesses out there!

    It takes hard work and consistency to do this but once up and running, it can really become passive income – I have seen it firsthand.

    Thank you for a great review

  5. Riaz Shah

    Great review Marcus,
    Wealthy Affiliate is really cool, this month marks the 14th month since I’m a member and I absolutely love reading your review, it makes me fall in love with the whole thing over again.

    I would definitely vouch for you. there is no better program out there that can provide you with dedicated hosting, website builders, website health checker, keyword tool analysis and evergreen lessons all included one price. WA is the place to go if anyone wants to earn a living online.

    Keep up the good work Marcus, and all the best in your online journey!

  6. khan

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for providing a deep insight about Wealthy Affiliate. Being its member, I am enjoying every moment of it as I am learning daily about internet marketing. It is great for all those who are looking for online business.

    Marcus what’s your thought on this “Would you think that Wealthy Affiliate is upgrading its standards to the industry benchmarks and what is your favourite thing inside the member’s area?

    Thanks again.

  7. Ehab

    Hello Marcus,

    great article, yes sure Wealthy affiliate works i am a premium member & i can say to all people need to make money from online you will get with wealthy affiliate full training courses & tools that will help you achieve your goals, but the most important thing is to put time & work hard & never stop learning.

    Good job, Ehab

  8. Jesse

    Great article on the popular wealthy affiliate online marketing university platform and weighing in the pros and cons is it a scam or not. As you seem to be an expert in this field I have a couple of questions to you. Can a total newbie like myself learn how to make money with the information wealthy affiliate will teach? And what you think are the most important traits of a person who wants to pursue business online in todays world? Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Marcus

      Hi Jesse. The answer to your first questions is definitely Yes. The answer to your second question is: ability to work alone, self-motivated and self-disciplined, good writing skills.

  9. John

    This article is spot on in the fact that it does take work by the person trying to make money with Affiliate marketing.
    I am going to look at your recommendation on E-Bay Affiliates, as I cannot use Amazon because of my location. Do you know if they have any location restrictions? I do operate a small E-Bay store, I have to charge sales tax to some customers.
    A lot of states have restrictions on Affiliate marketing that does make it a little more difficult, not impossible. You just have to work harder.

  10. Robert

    Great content Marcus!

    Really love the way you give out your information and reach your audience by giving “some cold, hard truth.” I also like the way that you set up your website to the point where if more information is wanted from the audience, it is found just one simple click away.

  11. J-Money

    I think this is a great article that displays the pros and cons of WA very well
    I really enjoyed reading this because I joined WA to generate revenue for myself and you enlighten that although it wont happen overnight but with hard work and maybe a little bit of luck one day my website will provide with a good lifestyle

  12. Mark Grundy

    HI Marcus,

    I have been using Wealthy Affiliate myself for a number of months, and I have found it to be an absoloute treat!
    I can already see my website improvment gradually and am starting even to earn a little revenue, which for online is a miracle!
    The main thing here is the training for me, it works wonders and I can get useful, realistic advice on how to build my website and my business from scratch!

    Good that you’re spreading the good news about WA!



    • Marcus

      Thanks Mark. Yes, the training really is great. If only more people who want to earn money online knew about Wealthy Affiliate and went with that rather than getting sucked into all those scams.

  13. Ronit Kumar

    Hey Marcus,
    I am a non techie guy but for a decade has been into online subscription sales and now after reading reviews am looking forward to work for myself as a freelancer. The only hitch is that do you think that I can make out my own business through WA, despite not being a techie.

    • Oh, definitely, you can create a profitable website without being a technie. The websites are build using WordPress which is very easy to use. And if you do ever get stuck, there are loads of people around to help you.

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