Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Deadbeat Super Affiliate BoxDeadbeat Super Affiliate

Overall Ranking: Okay
Price: $17 + upsells
Owners: Dan Brock
Website: deadbeatsuperaffiliate.com


Video Review

If you’re not in the mood for reading a big load of text, you can watch my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review video below:

First of All – Who is Dan Brock?

I first came across Dan Brock back in 2010. Back then, he was an active member of the Warrior Forum. He had a course called Profitzon, which was all about how to create lots of niche websites to promote Amazon products as an affiliate. I did the course, which was quite good, and made a bit of money. Not enough to make a full-time income, but enough to feel like the course was worthwhile.

It seems that Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a later version of the same course with a different name. I don’t like that name, by the way. It represents everything that’s wrong with what people mistakenly think an internet marketing course will enable them to do.

What the Deadbeat Super Affiliate Website Claims

It genuinely annoys me that Dan Brock makes all this seem far easier than it really is. For example, take the following text which appears near the top of his sales page:

Sleep Walk into your first $3,000 month… then sit back and watch as you start passively banking $11,461 a month or more… and once the money starts coming it’s UNSTOPPABLE… even if you stay in bed all day and hardly touch your PC for weeks.

Straight away that should start your alarm bells ringing.

But before you really have time to think too much about that, there is an auto-playing video where Dan talks us through what Deadbeat Super Affiliate is all about. And yes, that is really him, because I remember him from the videos he used to have on his old Profitzon course, and also from the Warrior Forum.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

The first thing that makes me suspicious about all this is how easy he says it is. He says he only works 1 hour per day, and earns more money than most doctors.

But one of the most ridiculous things shown in this video is not the huge profits from hardly doing any work, but a picture of him on vacation. He’s on a beach in his pajamas, dressing gown and socks, and he says he pretty much never takes those off.

But anyway, proceeding on to read the rest of the sales page, several questions occurred to me:

  1. He says that this is a really easy and lazy way to make money, but what about the work needed to set up these websites? Surely nobody is going to get rich just from staying in bed, right?
  2. If he really does earn so much money just from his techniques, why does he need to make money by selling this Deadbeat Super Affiliate guide? Why doesn’t he just keep a low profile and keep earning money from his own techniques?
  3. Are those earnings actually from selling his Deadbeat Super Affiliate guide? I strongly suspect they are. Anyone who writes an internet marketing course will usually earn far more money from selling that course than they do from the techniques they teach in their course.

Basically, to cut a long story short, Dan is saying that it’s super easy to create product review sites for Amazon products, rank well in Google, and earn loads of money with very little effort. I think the methods he teach do work, to a degree, but he is making it out to be more than it really is.

What Factors Would Indicate that it is Genuine?

  • Does it sound realistic? No. I think he’s making it seem far easier and more lucrative than it probably is.
  • Does he admit it requires work?No. Even the title of the site (Deadbeat Super Affiliate) makes it seem like hardly any work is required.
  • Does he sound genuine?Sort of. It’s definitely Dan Brock in the video, and he does seem like a nice guy. I just think he’s massively exaggerating how good this course is.
  • Can you take a look inside?No. If you want to see the course, you will have to pay for it.
  • Is there a free trial?No.

What Factors Would Indicate that it is a Scam?

  • Is he trying to rush you? No. There is no “hurry before this disappears” type message. But saying that, it is currently unavailable anyway.
  • Does it sound too good to be true?Yes. He makes it sound far too easy and lazy.
  • Does he say you’ll get rich quickly?Not exactly. He doesn’t actually say you will definitely make loads of money, but he does sort of lead you to believe this.
  • Is he secretive about how the money is made?No. He is up-front that it involves selling Amazon products as an affiliate.
  • Does he claim it’s never been seen before?Sort of. He claims it is much better than the techniques used by most other internet marketers.
  • Does the video seem fake?Sort of. While it is definitely Dan Brock in the video, it is all a bit staged and fake.
  • Does he claim it doesn’t require work?Yes. Even just the name of his website makes it sound like this is super easy.

Does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Have Any Upsells?

Okay, now we get to the real issue here. As I have spoken about before in a previous article, there is a really quick way you can check out the legitimacy of a make money online site. It doesn’t work on all of them, but a lot of them.

What you need to do is to scroll right down to the bottom of the page and look for something like “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Program”. If you find that and click it, you will be taken to information which is meant to only be seen by people interested in promoting it, NOT people interested in buying it.

On this affiliates page there is a totally different video where Dan says the new version of Deadbeat Super Affiliate is offering 100% commission to his affiliates. This sounds a little crazy, but there must be something in it for him. And yes, there is. Take a look at this:

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Product Funnel

So he’s kind of scamming his own affiliates here, because although he says he’s giving affiliates 100% commission, this is only on the $17 main product, but this is followed by two upsells worth $47 and $97 respectively, of which he will be taking 35% for himself.

So the buyer will fall for the sales pitch on his sales page, be led to believe that paying $17 will solve all your money problems without any effort. Then you will be persuaded to pay a further $144 to get all the information you need to succeed, taking the total up to $161, which is nearly 10 times the original price!

Of that total money, $110 goes to the affiliate and $50.40 goes to Dan Brock. Meanwhile, you end up spending $144 more than you originally thought you were going to spend.

What are Other People Saying about Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

I could only find one genuine review of Deadbeat Super Affiliate. All the others seemed to just be totally biased in favor of it. You can tell these instantly most of the time because they say the word “BONUS” in the title of the review. If they are offering a bonus, it means they desperately want you to buy it through them, which means they are not going to give a balanced review of it. It’s sad isn’t, that the internet marketing world is full of so many dishonest people; but i suppose that’s what money does to people.

The one genuine review I found was from an internet marketer I know called Nathaniell. Here is his overal score and a quote taken from his review’s headline:


While Deadbeat Super Affiliate does seem like a genuine internet marketing training course, and is probably a good start for people totally new to internet marketing, there are a couple of things that bring it down:

  • Dan makes this sound far too easy.
  • The upsells are a dishonest way to try to squeeze nearly 10 times as much money from people

Verdict: Okay

Is There an Alternative?

Instead of chasing after “shiny objects” like this that promise you will make money quickly and easily but rarely live up to that promise, why don’t you build a great website that earns you money? If you are new to making money online, I can guide you through the process. CLICK HERE to get started

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. I always answer all genuine comments.

Withing you great success,


  1. Chas

    Hi Marcus,
    I like your review of Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I had not heard of them before until I ran into your site. Thank you, for saving me from another waste of time. It just seems as though everyone has to pitch this junk and they know it is not really going to work, or they wouldn’t be selling it. I found your site to be a valuable source of information and will return to see your future reviews. Do you wonder if his account didn’t work because of complaints being filed?

  2. Igor

    Hi Marcus, thank you for the very deep review of Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I really support all pages with honest and straight reviews. I think that this is very helpful for new users which are often misleaded with a lot of fast riching promises which you can find online. Thank you for the great article, keep up the good work.

  3. Chas

    Hi Marcus,
    I’m sorry, I should have been a bit clearer. I was referring to the course name and nature leading people to believe they are going to get rich without any effort at all. Then, all the upsells along with it, I think would have people clearly upset and filing complaints. Even the affiliates might be complaining also.As a result this program would not do well. because of the complaints.

    • Ahh, I see what you mean. The original course was called Profitzon. I think he changed the name to try to make it sound even better, but I think it is totally misleading because it leads people to believe that they will get rich without any effort.

  4. Hasitha

    Great website! you have done really well so far! people are looking for websites like this! this is a great example and this will really help them to get what they want and apart from all that this is very easy to understand! the pictures you have added are really matching! great stuff so far! keep up the good work!
    cheers mate!

    • Marcus

      Thanks Hasitha. I really hope a lot of people find it helpful. if I can prevent a bunch of people falling for scams like Deadbeat Super Affiliate then it will all be worthwhile.

  5. Dave Sweney

    Deadbeat SuperAffiliate does not soound so good to me. The Warrior site seems to have a lot of this old stuff that may have been effective at one time, has some evergreen characteristics, but will mislead you in a few ways….

    The misinformation and upsells that are part of it as you mention here would turn me off as a buyer, but a newbie will get sucked right in, and not know what hit them until it is too late…They see thay have gotten a semi-effective program and feel like they were robbed!

    I just do not see how these people do not upgrade what they are offering unless they have learned their system too well and truly are deadbeats! The name of the program is enough for me not to want it! Thanks for the good review…

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