1. Karlo

    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about program called Covert Gawkr. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about this program. I’m glad that I read your article because I really learnt a lot about this program and I will listen your advice and will not join.
    Kind regards

  2. Amar-V

    Hello Marcus.

    First of all I have to say this website not only looks good, but I found your site trust-worthy compared to the other sites.
    Other websites just promote endless products and you then realise these affiliate marketers haven’t even brought the product and just want to make sales and rip you off.
    I had a look at this and researched covert-gawkr on google after initially hearing about this product on my email newsletter.
    I found your site and will take advice on the free pinterest style wordpress theme, and ignore this covert product thing.

  3. Mark

    Unique and original content written by the actual owner of the blog is what Google is interested in. Sure you can outsource content and get someone else to write it, or take some content from an existing site and spin it if you want but in the end original content is king. If you are knowledgeable and have a genuine passion for what you are writing about you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on someone else writing for you. I enjoyed reading your article. Cheers!

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