1. Chris

    Hi Marcus – cheers for providing us with this pretty awesome slideshow ( full of great ideas! ). I often find that lack of originality kills off most website’s content efforts.
    You know the guys that just find a cool article and rewrite it in their own words – pointless!
    You end up with the same points be rewritten all over the internet! What do you think about this?

    • Marcus

      Well, I think it’s fine if you are able to add your own spin on things and add extra value. But if you are just rewriting what someone else has already written, maybe it is a bit of a waste of time. I actually wrote a previous article about 10 Easy Steps to Writing an Awesome Blog Post, to help out people who struggle to write content.

  2. Paul C

    This is a great site and I love the slideshow about why marketing fails!! I’ve definitely hit my road bumps when it comes to marketing, but the people who make it are also the ones who push through and continue to learn. I was also a member of Affiliorama last year, but the up sells were too much and training was old. Glad I switched to Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for the information!

  3. Paul C

    Excellent slideshow you have here! I really like how deep it goes in. I especially love caveman Rand! 🙂 But even more than that, I absolutely loved your chart about the largest vocabulary in hip hop. It was a great way to prove the point and offers a different perspective for some onlookers. Great site Marcus and good luck!

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your comment Paul. Actually, the slide show is not mine, I just used it on my site. It’s great to hear that other people find it really useful and informative though.

  4. roamy

    Hi there Marcus

    A friend told me i could make money with my blogs 6 months ago.
    Since then been trying to make money with my content and nothing seemed to work.
    After reading your post, i realize everything im doing is wrong.No one has to point out why my content marketing has failed after i read your post.
    You have pointed everything so clear and explained everything so well and i can now see where i was going wrong.
    Thanks so much,will follow your tips and see where things go from here.

  5. Marc Parsons

    Hey Marcus

    Thanks for an awesome Post, not only about why content marketing fails, but why you should never lose faith. The slide show is definitely worth having a look.I had a good laugh.

    Geraldine’s Blog at the end is such a great example of why people should keep pushing through the hard times.

    I look forward to seeing the next one.



    • Marcus

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. That blog example wonderfully demonstrates how many people will give up far too early, but if people keep going and keep believing in what they are doing, eventually the momentum will increase. I think this is why it is important to pick something which you are genuinely interested in. That way, while you are waiting for it to take off, you will have genuine enthusiasm for the subject you are blogging about.

  6. Brenda

    Wow Marcus that certainly opened my eyes. I loved the slide show it was an original way of getting people to take heed , really cool! I’m afraid I was one of those people who thought the visitor bites on the first visit and now I see the importance of building relationships. I learned so much that I am definitely now better prepared for my journey into content marketing. Cheers!

  7. Stephen

    Hi Marcus Very good slide show. Very informative but a little long for my liking, but well done. Also starting around slide 63 the screen went black. Then there were about 10 more slide that were black. I do like your productions though.The quality of your content far surpasses much of the content I have seen.

    • Marcus

      Thanks Stephen, but I did not make that slideshow. It was made Rand Fishkin and I found it on slideshare.net and embedded it into my own blog post. The problem with the black slides may have happened because you were clicking through some of them too fast.

  8. Calvin

    Great slide! I learned something from the slide that you have posted. Especially from Geraldine. I can not imagine how she was able to keep going even though her traffic does not show a proper process for about two years. She needs more than five years to gain traffic 100.000+ / month. Awesome!
    Thank you for sharing, Marcus.

  9. Victor

    I usually consider how I find and buy things online when developing my marketing strategy. Usually I see an add or search result that resonates with me in some way so I check it out. I rarely ever buy from the site it takes me to but I get as much information as possible from that site and use Google to find out more and what other similar products there are. Then if I am interested enough I’ll choose which site to buy from. I hardly ever go back to the original site that sparked my interest unless I can’t find something better.

  10. Florence Ki

    Thanks for sharing such awesome slide. I’ve venture online since 2007 and during those time, content marketing works. However, as there are more content available, it is becoming more challenging to engage readers. I totally agree with what you have presented in your slides. Hope this can give some insight to newbies.

  11. stefan

    Hi marcus

    That’s a really nice slideshow, thanks for that!
    I am just starting my website.. it has only 12 posts and I realize how much I still have to learn to improve it. I know I will have many down to get one up… and I hope I follow the advice and never give up. There is so much competition, but we have to understand that this is the same with everything in life.. nothing is easy. I believe internet marketing is worth because it’s a chance to have freedom! I would give even more than 2 years for success… Thank about this way – Would you buy a
    $300.000 house in 2 years generating the income (in rent) you would get after been successful in your online business? Well, not even in 10 years! So, if it takes 10 years, still we will be on top of the traditional ways to earn money! that’s my honest opinion

  12. Bryan

    That slide show is pretty awesome. I really like the way it put things into perspective. Hopefully one day my website will be worthy of 100k + views. I might need to look at that slideshow again in the future when i need a good reminder pf what i’m doing right or wrong.

  13. Tommy

    Wow, what a great slideshow. I definitely made some of the very same assumptions. One thing I am 100% guilty of is not amplifying my contents reach. With so much stuff out there we’ve got no chance of being found if we don’t get it out there and noticed. I like to think of the internet like a NYC street after a ticker-tape parade, and every single piece of paper as a website. What chance is it that your one blue piece will get noticed amongst billions of white pieces? Slim to none. It’s probably a good idea to throw more than one piece, and that’s what amplification can do for a website- get it out to more places and increasing potential reach.

  14. Christian

    Thank you so much for the article/slide show. It made some great points. It seems so obvious but sometimes you really do assume that if someone is even moderately interested in your product, they will buy it on the first click. As the slideshow pointed out ” content marketing is about earning familiarity, trust, and building a relationship” . Priceless information!

  15. Maria

    That’s a great slideshare Marcus! I will bookmark this and link to your article one of these days. It’s a tough road, and this slideshow proves it. But perhaps it’s also a bit of a downer for most – because MOST fall into that category of wanting success overnight – even if overnight is stretched into two years. How do you convince people to keep going? They have to see progress, I think it’s only human nature to be motivated by progress.

  16. Ilias

    Hi Marcus, I really enjoyed your slideshow. So, your priority is SEO, then you see what is going viral on social media and you try to do something relevant while you improve your relation with people who can share your content. The last one is about the patient. Right?

    To be honest, until now I focus on SEO. I think that I have a lot to learn about social media and how they work if I want to have any chance to be successful.

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