1. Aiden

    Hey Marcus,

    Interesting review there, it does sound like a weird name for a website? Perhaps that’s them suckering in people that think owning an online business is all donuts and porn.

    There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into it and without the know how or the step by step hand holding everyone needs in the first few weeks of getting up and running they are doomed to failure.

    Having questions answered is also a massive part of the process, written words will only ever tell you what they say, they cannot say the phrase any differently if you don’t completely understand it, I would have given this business a lower score just because of that fact.

    Without customers a business is nothing.

  2. rufat

    Coffee Shop Millionaire is surprisingly one of those programs that are free from being called a scam. But compared to many other legit programs, it’s far from being as good as you might be expecting. Upsell is the first red flag and I think it’s not in the favor of this program. Weak support is one the major problems because if a program fails to provide quality and timely support it means you need to figure out things on your own. I think though this program is legit it’s by far not the best one out there.

  3. Emmanuel

    Hello Marcus,

    Your review on the coffee shop millionaire is interestingly simple and that makes for an easy read.

    Why people want others to buy their products and give it a scam-like hype baffles it.

    If the product is good, you do not have to hype it, the word of mouth will automatically sell your product for you.

  4. Bob

    Hi Marcus,

    I have read your blog on Coffee Shop Millionaire and found it interesting. I felt that you were very generous in giving it a 50% rating. Although I agree that it is not a scam, I feel also that it lacks a lot of the benefits of a good online training program for online marketing. I have found many programs out there (not just Wealthy Affiliate) that are better. However, I agree that Wealthy Affilate is by far the best that I have found.

  5. George

    Hi Marcus,

    Just had a go at your Coffee Shop Millionaire review. I have to agree with you, it just seems ok. Not great at any level.
    I also ran a search on google to test it for myself and as you said it is best to stick with Wealthy Affiliate where you can get all the support you need right?

    There’s quality information here. I think I am going to stick around.

  6. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hi there Marcus , I have already read some reviews online about this Coffee Shop but most of them were negative, some were positive but I strongly believe these were coming from affiliates with this system.

    Some good points, but the bad points you mention are way more.

    I am OK if a product is legitimate and they try to upsell me in the process, but I won’t be accepting no support or training afterwards. These marketing programs in order to be effective for both sides have to provide full support and continuous guidance. As you very clearly stated , internet and technology moves very fast.

    $37 per month is way too expensive for what they offer. No website builder, no keyword tool, no community. No, I think I will pass on that. There are way better options in the market.

    Legit product but very poor quality I guess. Thanks for letting us know.

    What is their best training part?…Is this system offering any special technique that we could apply for our marketing campaigns?

    • Marcus

      Thanks Tasos. Yes, it’s a shame that a mediocre product like will suck people in. You are right that with no website builder, no keyword tool and no community, there is really something lacking here. Far better to go with a training program that provides all of that in one package, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. Angel

    Dear Marcus,

    Another great fascinating Product Review I have read from you, thanks for raising awareness on this Program. 🙂 It seems when I see lack of support and Upsells being mentioned, my mind almost immediately points to Empower Network since they are known for lack of support and Upsells Galore. Lack of support and loads of Upsells being pushed at us are clearly Red Flags of a Program we do not want to be a part of.
    Again, the name as you say like with other well known programs appears to be misleading. Come on Coffee Shop Millionaire? How on Earth did they end up with coming up with that name to start off with?

    When I first heard the name Coffee Shop Millionaire, I thought it would be a Program that would teach someone to turn their Coffee Shop Franchise whether it was Starbucks Coffee into a millionaire business over time. Thanks for helping sort out my confusion understanding the real deal behind this Program, Marcus. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s a good point actually. Now that you mention it, it does kind of sound like it is about building a coffee shop business.

  8. Mahmood

    This is the first time I have heard about this coffee shop millionaire. Your review didn’t give me any trust in this product. I don’t like the products that need further payments and ask for more payments and purchases. I prefer the ones without any hidden fees. It also seemed a little exaggerated.

    You mentioned wealthy affiliate at the end of the review which got my interest and I have already read many good things about it online.

  9. Maria

    Hi Marcus,
    It’s good to hear reviews about money making opportunities like this coffee shop millionaire because people reading it are getting good information about them, whether they are worth the money or not.

    You provide useful information on this review that will help your website visitors to make the right decision. Including the comparison table between two products shows clearly which is the best.
    Thank you.

  10. Lynne

    Hey Marcus, thanks for the Coffee Shop Millionaire review. It sounds like it might be a way how to learn how to make money online. However I am not too keen on programs that get you in and then try to sell you more. It is a bit dishonest in my opinion. These things must be made clear from the beginning.
    Your comparison table is very helpful, thank you. I think I’ll check out your review of Wealthy Affiliate instead!

  11. Laman Richards

    The reviews are informative and relevant for people avoiding the many scams online. The site is clean and the navigation points people to getting started learning how to make money online, Marcus lays it out in a no-nonsense way by offering tips on how to avoid scams and how to really start making money online.

  12. Neil

    Hi Marcus

    I have heard a variety of views on the Coffee Shop Millionaire, but didn’t know what to believe.

    The Pros sound great, but the cons seem to outweigh them which is a red flag for me.

    I’m not too thrilled about the upsell with CSM, but from your conclusion, people can make some money online from the program.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best option 😀


  13. rufat

    As I know, Coffee Shop Millionaire is not a complete scam compared to many other programs that are just one big waste of time. Coffee Shop provides some good training material which is good, but other cons such as poor support, tons of upsells, unrealistic promises about overnight riches and finally come complaints stop me from recommending it. And I don’t want to recommend it not because it’s bad or good, but because there are many other programs that provide a much better quality for a lower price.

  14. Andres Santos

    Nice article and comparison. For me, the step by step training is always a must. And I hate the nickel and diming that a lot of these programs do. When you put it against Wealth Affiliate, there’s really no comparison. The step by step training, the weekly webinars, the support you get from the staff and community makes Wealthy Affiliate a better option.

  15. Anh Nguyen

    As I came across too many make money online programs, I became pretty sceptical about big promises like Coffee Shop Millionaire.

    Learning from just the courses with no support is gonna be quite hard though. I’d like to know more about the courses they have to offer. How are they presented, are they mostly text with some videos? Do you think they hold anything that’s not been shared elsewhere on the internet?

  16. Magda

    Don’t you hate those sale pages that have only video on them? Looks like Coffee Shop Millionaire is one of those sites. I guess somebody must have done a study and came to conclusion that this type of sale page converts the best. I don’t know about that, myself I am somewhat disappointed by this type of marketing. Also I cannot work in coffee shop, people around me tend to distract me. 🙂 I need peace and quiet. I am feeling a bit cranky today so let me complain a little bit more. Any program that sells for $37 and claims to make you a millionaire within couple of weeks makes me wanna laugh. If I had a method like that I would not sell it so cheap.

  17. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,
    Loving your review, I have to admit though the name does sound kind of decent – Coffee Shop Millionaire. It sounds doable and doesn’t like a get rich quick scheme.

    But when I joined last year, I was surprised that it was just another get rich quick scheme and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Lessons are pretty shallow and you’ll end up wasting more money and spending.

  18. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,
    Loving your review, I have to admit though the name does sound kind of decent – Coffee Shop Millionaire. It sounds doable and doesn’t like a get rich quick scheme.

    But when I joined last year, I was surprised that it was just another get rich quick scheme and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Lessons are pretty shallow and you’ll end up wasting more money and spending.

  19. netp

    I sat through the whole sales pitch for this program and I thought that was bad enough. They don’t tell you properly what it’s really about until you’re inside, which is a characteristic of a scam. Also – big earning claims. Not a scam, but misleading. Definitely not worth it, in my opinion. 🙂

    • Marcus

      Thank you. Yes, I think you are right. It’s not quite a scam as such, but there are far better ways to learn how to make money online.

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