1. Lynne

    It certainly would be fun to be a chocolate taster for a day or two and be paid for it. But to actually keep doing it day after day for a long time? Nope, I think I would something a little more rewarding.

    Another thought on the subject is that I love chocolate and it is such a treat when I have it. To taste chocolate all day would really take away from that. Imagine doing it all day, you wouldn’t want a chocolate at home anymore. Where is the fun in that?

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking actually. A lot of people probably think it would be great, but surely you would soon get sick of the taste of chocolate. Anything fun, when done to excess, starts to become a chore.

  2. Peter

    Hey Marcus Love the title it got my interest straight away and then gently let me down to the reality of actually having to work ha ha Great write up and a real reminder that success only comes from work. So is 35,000 pounds a big income in the UK? $54,000 is a reasonable amount but not much in the in US.

    Anyway, well done on this interesting 🙂

    • Marcus

      Well, £25,000 I think is a moderately good salary in the UK, similar to what $54,000 would be in the US. But the key thing is, if it’s a job you love then that’s great. The sad truth is, a lot of people hate their jobs. Unfortunately, I don’t think being a professional chocolate taster would quite live up to many peoples fantasies when they had to do it all day every day.

  3. Rick Wilson

    Who would have thought someone could get paid that much to do that job?!?! That may be even better than being a mattress tester!! The video was interesting and a good way to get information out without having to do a lot of typing yourself. After watching the video I don’t think I would actually want that job after all. Our preconceived notions of what a job like that is like are not at all what it is about apparently. I love learning about things like that and found your post interesting and entertaining.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s funny how we often have idealized versions of how things are, which can be quite different to how things ACTUALLY are. The main issue is, if you do something as a job, you have to be serious about it and do things according to set rules and standards. That can take a lot of the fun out things. Not always, but often it can.

  4. Allan

    Hey Marcus, what a fun article! I can honestly say that when I was a kid this definitely would have been a dream job! Getting paid any amount to eat chocolate all day would have had me very excited. I like the way you bring us back to reality when you talk about the negatives of the job. Who would want to put chocolate in their mouth all day and not get to actually eat it? This article made me smile! Thank you for that.

    • Marcus

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  5. Shawn

    Hi, Marcus!

    I did not even know there was such a thing and like you said, at first I was thinking That’s me!!
    Then I read on, lol
    I do not think I could do this job, and I am a true chocoholic.
    I checked out your other articles and I really like the info on the dream jobs.
    Is there a way to take a free look at any of these jobs?


    • Marcus

      Hi Shawn,

      My thinking is that most of these “dream jobs” are probably not as fun to do as you might think. And any that are genuinely fun, they are probably very difficult to get because probably a lot of other people will want to do them too. A far better option would be to build a website in a niche you are interested in and then make that website profitable. There are are various ways to learn how to do that, but some of them are better than others. Here is an article I wrote about the best and worst make money online sites.


  6. Lesley

    To be honest, I do like chocolate! Would I want to be tasting chocolate all day?? Somehow I think that after 1 month of tasting various chocolate bars each day I might just begin to not like chocolate so much anymore. On the other hand it is good pay, but could get rather monotonous. I can’t see a job like this offering much mental stimulation so perhaps why the pay is relatively good.

    I don’t think this would be my dream job. I will stick to actually eating the chocolate bars that pass the test.

  7. Malcolm Brown

    I would definitely say this would be a dream job, or any taste testing job for that matter.
    I once read a book about a chocolate connossieur who said to keep the weight off she would swim 2hr a day, because she was consuming 3-4000 calories a day from chocolate

    • Marcus

      Yes, you would definitely need to do a lot of exercise if you were eating that much chocolate. However, in the video they said they don’t swallow, they spit it out.

  8. rufat

    Great review Marcus! I think though eating a good chocolate is a great thing eating so much chocolate can be painful and annoying. At least you will definitely reach a point when you don’t want to eat anymore. I think it more looks like wasting your time than doing something worthwhile. Yes, I agree that we all need money but to a certain degree. If I need money it doesn’t mean I would be eating something like a robot only to be paid. I would rather do something worthwhile, what I love to do to earn money and then buy a chocolate when I want and eat how much I want. Chocolate taster salary more looks like a nightmare than a dream.

  9. Fidel

    It looks like a very cool job. I will consider that as a long term job. But i guess you are right about the cons associated with this kind of job.

    But overall, I think its a cool one. Do you have any idea of the qualifications needed for one to be a Chocolate Taster?

    • Marcus

      I’ve just done a bit of a search, and according to an article on the Independent website, you need a degree in food science or nutrition. So it looks like this is not just for anyone who likes eating chocolate.

  10. Dwi

    it seems like a dream job where you can work with Willy Wonka in his tunnel, but I think it would be boring at some point. Let say that you have to sort out a huge amount of chocolate to taste, and after a while you probably can’t notice the difference anymore. I think whoever does this kind of job is the one who hates eating chocolate. I also suspect tasting chocolates might cause their taste buds to be insensitive towards other foods or beverages. I wonder if they have insurance for their taste buds.

  11. Kush1000

    Hey man. Omg what a nice job this must be, NOT! 🙂 I have worked in chocolate factory and I never ate chocolate from then again. It’s because of the smell, 8 hours per day you smell the chocolate, you don’t even have to eat it, blah…but that’s different from this job that you talk about. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

  12. Boyo

    I have to be honest – chocolate tasting for a living would be up there as the dream job for me! Second only to being a beer taster 😉
    I do remember reading that Tetley insured the taste buds of its master tea blender for a cool million! I reckon I’d be pretty good at tea tasting as I drink loads of the stuff!
    I wonder if companies insure the taste buds of chocolate tasters?

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