Cash in with Bing Review, Part 2: Did it Work?

Cash in with Bing Review

Hey, welcome to part 2 of my Cash in with Bing review. This is a follow-up to my first Cash in with Bing review, where I gave it a 4 out of 5 rating of “good for the price”. I wrote that review after reading through the ebook and concluding that it is a reasonably good guide for only $6.95.

However, I have since attempted to put the ebook into practice and experimented with two Bing Ads campaigns to promote two different ClickBank products. Here I will detail the results of those two campaigns. I thought it was better to create this follow-up as a separate post rather than just updating the original review because this way you get to see the difference in my opinion before and after I tried putting it into action.

Product: Cash in with Bing
Owners: Mark Wightley, Mialei Iske and David Klein
Niche: Pay Per Click Marketing
Price: $6.95 (upgrades are available)
My Verdict: Didn’t work for me
Website: Cash in with Bing

Cash in with Bing Review: the Follow-up

So, here’s what happened…

Well, I followed the ebook’s recommendation to choose a ClickBank product that meets the following criteria:

  • Fulfills a need people have
  • Gravity over 15
  • Unique product name
  • Lots of paid ads displaying when I search the product name on Bing
  • Paid ads displaying when I search for the related niche term
  • Looks like a genuinely good product that does what it says

In the process, I looked at several products, some good and some not so good. Here are the ones I ended up deciding were probably not worth bothering with:

  • Diabetes Loophole – the sales video is not the best, plus I found a bad review of it.
  • Lean Belly Breakthrough – too many people questioning whether it’s a scam.
  • 3 Week Diet – I found a bad review of it.
  • Big Diabetes Lie – sounds too controversial, plus I found a bad review of it.
  • Heartburn No More – I found a bad review of it.
  • My Bikini Belly – no paid ads displayed when I searched for it on Bing.

Here are some products I wasn’t sure about:

  • The Kidney Disease Solution
  • Truth About Cellulite
  • Fibroids Miracle
  • Old School New Body

And here are the products I decided were good:

  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors – very high gravity, paid ads displaying in Bing, plus I found what looks like a trustworthy positive review of it.
  • Eat Stop Eat – high gravity, it’s about intermittent fasting which seems to be legit, there are paid ads on Bing, and I found what looks like a trustworthy positive review of it.
  • PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric Extract – quite high gravity, the website looks good, unique product name, paid ads displayed on Bing, and I found a positive review.
  • Fat Burning Fingerprint – unique product name, paid ads displayed on Bing, and I found a positive review.
  • Yoga Burn – quite high gravity, paid ads displayed on Bing, looks good.
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox – website looks genuine, paid ads displayed on Bing, I found a positive review, and it’s definitely something I could write about from a personal interest standpoint.

Campaign 1: 21 Day Sugar Detox

So I decided on 21 Day Sugar Detox and set up the website Take a look and see what you think. If you think I did anything wrong or could have done anything better, please let me know. This is all just as much a learning process for me as it is for you.

So then in Bing Ads, I targeted 90 keywords including:

  • how to give up carbs
  • kick sugar cravings
  • best sugar detox diet
  • detox sugar plan

And here are some examples of my ads:

I ran the ads for a few days, which gave me 97 clicks for £12.44 GBP.

And what were the results from this short campaign?

  • 12 subscribers to my email list.
  • 0 sales.
  • £0.00 earned.

Total cost of this campaign: £24.09 (cost of ads plus website domain name)

Although I wasn’t particularly happy with having just spent £24 to get no money back, I decided to try a second campaign in a totally different niche.

Campaign 2: DIY Home Energy

After looking at several different niches and products, I settled on the green energy niche, and a product called DIY Home Energy. It has a lot of paid ads when you search for the product name in Bing, has a great looking sales page and video, and some great resources for affiliates.

So I set up the website Take a look. All the content is copied from the resources provided in the affiliate tools, and two of the top menu links just go to alternative sales pages via affiliate links. I thought that was rather clever actually.

In my Bing Ads, I targeted a total of 86 different keywords, such as:

  • domestic wind turbines
  • build your own solar panel
  • home wind turbine
  • reduce energy bill
  • diy solar panel
  • build your own solar panels

I created a total of 13 different ads, some of which were:

Again, I ran this for a couple of days, but this time I got 177 clicks for £18.07.

And what were the results from this?

  • 5 subscribers to my email list.
  • 0 sales.
  • £0.00 earned.

Total cost of this campaign: £29.90 (ads and domain).

So, to summarize, this Bing Ads experiment has cost me:

  • Cash in with Bing ebook: £5.77
  • Campaign 1: £24.09
  • Campaign 2: £29.90
  • TOTAL COST: £59.76 GBP

Okay, so I could have bought the “done for you” upgrade, but that would have cost me £79.93 GBP ($97 USD), and then I would still have had to spend money on the website domain and ads to see whether it actually works. I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money.

Also, I am skeptical of any “done for you” system where you just copy their exact campaign. Think about it. If a whole bunch of people all buy the “done for you” upgrade, they will all be running the exact same ads on Bing, which will dramatically increase the competition and therefore the cost of the ads.

I really wanted this to succeed, but I was also prepared in case it didn’t. It was always my intention to write a follow-up review like this so I could document whether it was successful for me or not. This is useful for my readers, and also a good learning experience for me.

Anyway, thanks for reading part 2 of my Cash in with Bing review. I hope you found it helpful, but if you have any comments or questions please post them in the comments section below.

All the best,


  1. Robin Seamans

    Thanks for the follow-up review Marcus. You always provide great and truthful information! I appreciate that!!

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi Marcus,

    Great follow up to the original review and very good of you to share the results. Although you didn’t quite cash in and make money with this product I am particularly interested in what your opinion is of the low cost products is in relation to its quality of training for Bing PPC ads?

    Also, I did not quite understand – were you directing the ad campaigns to direct affiliate links or reviews you have of the products (sugar detox DIY home energy)?

    The follow up emails for the two campaigns did you write them yourself?

    • Marcus

      Hi Derek,

      I was directing the ads to the websites I created.

      Yes, I wrote the follow-up emails myself, but based on the advice in the ebook.

      • Derek Marshall


        You did manage to make 11.83GBP profit from the second example the DIY home energy, a profit margin of around 33%.

        Did you scale that up and run further ads? If not, why not, what stopped you?

        I am quite curious 33% profit even though barely lunch money in actual cash amount is still quite a significant profit margin. (just my take on it)

        • Hi Derek. You seem to have got the numbers confused. I did not earn anything from either of these campaigns. You have done a calculation of 29.90 – 18.07 to come up with the figure £11.83, but this is incorrect. I spent £18.07 on Bing Ads for that second campaign, and bought the domain name for £11.83, making the total cost of that campaign £29.90. There were zero sales.

  3. Brian

    Excellent follow up to the original review. I was definitely very curious to see how you did when you implemented Cash in with Bing review. Like you said though, it is probably best to be skeptical of nearly anything that says to follow a “done for you” system where you can get the same results by copying their exact system. Thanks again for posting this as it was very helpful.

  4. Eric Cantu

    I definitely agree with you on my skepticism of any kind of “DFY (done for you)” model where they claim you only have to do a small percentage of the work. My feeling is if these were actually true claims then EVERYONE would be using them.

    Sorry your campaign didn’t work, and while we all know that even campaigns with the best intentions sometimes fall short, I’m thankful for your transparency and write up. Thanks man. Nice post.

  5. Mara

    This was interesting to read, and thanks for being so honest and saying it didn’t work for you. I have only used Google Ads before, and not tried Bing at all yet. I have had clicks, and Amazon sales (although these are indirect) for my niche. However, my affiliate site for online business got lots of traffic and sign ups, but no sales yet. I’m still keen to try Bing for the same adverts and keywords to compare with Google. Have you tried Facebook advertising at all too? if so, how did you find those?

  6. Dr. Melvin Whittle

    Being that I am a newbie to this I still was impress with you work in creating your site. It was well put together and your use of bolding certain words and phrase really pulled my eyes in the direction you wanted me to follow in your website.
    1. It was a nice flow
    2. it was interesting and informative
    3. it was truthful and honest in telling the reader the truth

  7. Wayne Zhang

    Lmao Marcus, this is absolutely amazing. Like, this could actually replace wealthy affiliate itself. Thank you so much for this great info. I think it is basically summarizing the entire WA certification course… I am a premium member and am blown away by the community there. But as for the lessons, I think I’m missing out and I’m thinking they are a little too basic. What do you think? Also, can you use the affiliate bootcamp as more lessons for you site although you aren’t an affiliate for WA? Thanks!

    • Hi Wayne. Thanks for your kind comment. You posted this comment to my “Cash in with Bing Review”, but you seem to be referring to my 40 free lessons, right?

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