1. Chris

    Great article Marcus!
    There are certainly online millionaires out there but you are right in saying they all have one thing in common – they work harder than the guy next to them!!!
    People get it in their heads that a blogger sits about in his/her underwear working at their own pace – so not true!
    I’m going to check out the three articles you’ve listed in this post now 🙂
    Good luck with your online exploits!

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s the thing many people need to get their heads round – being successful online means working hard just like it does offline.

  2. Keye

    Hi Marcus,

    I agree with you. Most of the millionaires now achieve their success through a combination of hard work, smart work, networking, proper research and using the right tools. It is not an easy journey but you will not have to take the rough road if you listen to experts who have already achieved the success or goal you want to reach.

  3. Aiden

    Great article!

    The only people that are wealthy online are people that have taught others to make money for themselves.

    They have come up with a concept, refined it then sold it to others, once one person makes their first $100, they tell their friends, then their friends sign up, then they make $100 then so on, after 1000 people have signed up then the original guy has made a million from the sign ups and from his original business idea.

    The amazon FBA courses spring to mind here.

    • Marcus

      Yes, if a scammer can convince enough people to sign up for something, he can make a HUGE amount of money. Even when taking into consideration refunds, he will still make a killing. There will always be some people who won’t bother getting a refund even if they are not happy.

  4. sarah

    Hi Marcus !

    You raised an important question in the world of internet marketing.

    I can confirm that after spending over 6 years working from home (and getting ripped off several times), there are more scams online than legit opportunities. Before investing in an “opportunity” people should just sit there and wonder :

    “does the opportunity require you to pay money upfront”? (where will your money go?)

    “do they promise you that you will become rich overnight”? (do you honestly think that if we could get rich overnight there would still be poverty on earth?)

    “what’s in it for them”?

    “how are they making money?”

    “are they creating a feeling of scarcity”?

    It’s easy to spot a scam actually… If it just sounds too good to be true, it probably is! =)

    The best place online that I’ve come across and has helped me build my business is Wealthy Affiliate! I highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about earning money from home!



    • Marcus

      That is an excellent list of questions to ask ourselves when we come across any make money online opportunity. Unfortunately, you are right, there are far more scams online than legit opportunities, which is why it is so important to be vigilant.

  5. dannyboy

    I have always loved these type of sites, you always find great info and Ideas to being succesfull online due that you can catch tons of scams and waste a lot of money instead of winning it, I am going to recommend your site to my friends, and with your permision will take some of your ideas, thanks a lot for the page and keep up the good work, there are tons of people this will be helpfull to

  6. Viljoen

    I think the problem with the internet presently is that there are so many scams that brainwash people into thinking that they can become a millionaire overnight with the internet.

    There is a lot of opportunity online and if you work hard for a couple of years, then you might just become a millionaire.

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