1. Daniella

    Hi Marcus,

    What a nice article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    Your review is very convincing, and if I would not have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate already, I would have definitely sign up right away! However, my sister is interesting to become a member of WA and I am sure she will love this review.
    Thank you very much

  2. Travis Smithers

    The first thing that came to my mind was how cool is this that you can get a year subscription even cheaper. The truth of the matter is that even though I paid the regular price it is still a major deal.

    I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate for just under eight months and going strong. I have done the other education methods, and you are right about the payout and you have no guarantee that you will make any progress in your job searches either.

    With WA, you pay far less, and you are in the drivers seat.
    Great post-Marcus!

    • Marcus

      Yes, this is it. Nothing in life is a guarrantee, but at Wealthy Affiliate you learn knowledge and skills that will give you the best chance of succeeding with an online business. What do you want to do? Keep looking for normal jobs, go to university and end up with debt, or learn how to build a profitable online business?

  3. Adeel

    Wealthy affiliate offering one of the best promotion offer ever. I joined wealthy affiliate just month ago and I fall in love with it the reason is all I need to learn about online business is available in wealthy affiliate and another reason is they have one of the best community who always willing to help each other. Thanks for writing this blog, keep it up!

    • Marcus

      Yes, the training and support available at Wealthy Affiliate is better than anything you get anywhere else. It really is a one-of-a-kind place to learn about building a successful online business.

  4. Lynne

    Hi Marcus
    What an awesome deal! Do they have this Black Friday deal every year? I am not quite ready for it financially, at this moment in time I just don’t have the money. If I did I would so go yearly right now to take advantage.
    I checked out Colton’s post and wow, what an achievement. I’m following him now too and checking out all his blogs.

    • Marcus

      Hi, Lynne. I’m not entirely sure how many years the Black Friday deal has been running, but I expect they will keep doing it for the next few years at least. It’s a great way to test whether people are actually serious about building an online business. Those who are will probably jump at the opportunity because for the whole year it’s actually an amazing deal. I mean, less than a dollar a day! Who can’t save a dollar a day on what they already spend?!

  5. David

    Wealthy Affiliate is really the #1 place to learn affiliate marketing and to start making money online, and this special discounted yearly membership makes it one of the cheapest universities in the world! Good to compare with the prices of the ‘traditional’ universities. The cost at WA is low, but what we learn here is simply priceless!

    • Marcus

      Yes, if only people knew just how much useful information there is to learn at Wealthy Affiliate, then I’m sure even more people would be joining than they are already. The truth is, it has never been a better time to start an online business. Take the example of that young guy who made over $4,000 in profit promoting Amazon products. That just goes to show you how big Amazon is and just how many people love buying from them.

  6. Chelsea

    Love this page to Promote WA! ! Great use of stats and images!! Would be interested but am using WA already.
    Love that you have added the personal touch of helping the person or with their Niche. It is a great touch and will really resonate with people who are starting out!

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Chelsea. Yes, it’s because I know how tough it can be when you are first starting out. Having someone help you t the very beginning can make all the difference. It can give people the confidence to do it themselves and move forwards towards success.

  7. rufat

    I know of this story about that guy who has made over $4000 just in one month. I know of many other similar stories within Wealthy Affiliate and I like the way you put this question: Would you be willing to pay a small amount of money in order to have a chance to earn $4000 per month. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with everything you need in order to build a successful online business and I think Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of.

  8. Darren

    This is a very well written post, Marcus, and you make some really good points with your price comparisons between Wealthy Affiliate and the cost of going to college. Way, way cheaper to learn how to do business online, and I agree with you that you would learn more with WA. I doubt whether many college students would be making over $4000 per month working part-time behind a bar in between doing their classes.

    I really like your idea of offering to write a product review as a bonus. That’s a great idea and a really good incentive to sign up; especially for someone totally new to internet marketing.

    Great post and a great deal all round!

    • Marcus

      Thanks, Darren. Yes, I really want to give people the best shot at this, so if I can help then with that first blog post then that will set them in the right direction towards success.

  9. Michael

    It certainly is getting more and more expensive to go to college. And when you graduate they tell you that ”you have no marketable skills’. It sounds like with Wealthy Affiliate you will be learning ‘marketable skills’ from the very beginning. At a yearly price of $299 that’s an incredible deal. Do you have to have any special skills to do this?

    • Marcus

      Yes, it is an amazong deal, and no, you don’t need any special skills. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a drive to succeed. That’s all.

  10. Erin

    Your post has an excitement and sense of urgency without being overwhelming. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training and community suuport that is available today and your words do such a great job of showing what an exceptional value it is and what is a possible return for your money.

  11. Kody D

    Nice article on a great topic. Very few affiliate programs out there actually have success, and working with WA I can say I’ve learned a lot about affiliate marketing. It takes time and hard work but it can work and success is out there. Great post, solid understanding and fluent detail.

  12. Tanya

    Hi Marcus,

    Great article! You can’t beat that price… great savings. I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for sharing this great deal with everyone. I will be letting my friends and family know about it as well.

    I like the comparison you gave with the cost of Wealthy Affiliate and then the cost of other online Universities. Wealthy Affiliate has so much more to offer.

  13. Lee

    Great offer here from WA and an awesome post that clearly sums up the benefits of signing up in this busy period. That offer is so good and i really like the way you have compared it to the costs of a degree as it really hits home.
    I will certainly be signing up to this great offer as i have seen the information they provide just on the free sign up.

  14. Anne Line

    Hallo Marcus, great niche you have, and a very nice website. To earn money online is not so easy, Have been here at WA in 3 months now, and it is really interesting. The deal you offer is good, have now traffic on my site, so maybe I should try this. Good luck to you. Anne Line

  15. Ladrunner

    I’m from the wealthy affiliate community and all I have to say is this an amazing deal that only comes around once a year. When you break it down you are only paying 82 cents a day to run your online business. If you compare that to a brick and mortar store which costs millions just to keep up and running and you can see why wealthy affiliate is such a good deal. You are getting hosting, an awesome community, and a great amount of training. If you ask me this is the best Black Friday deal. Maybe you should hold off on that TV and just invest in your future this year. Thanks for the awesome review Marcus.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it is really worth holding back on buying something else so that you can invest in your future. It really is a wise choice.

  16. Sam

    I like how it bought my attention and enjoy reading the stats. I am going recommend this to my friends and hopefully they will be interested too! One question, how are you doing so far? The black Friday sale is a great deal and I chuckle at it bit. I like how organized and simple to read it was.

  17. Zuzana

    Hi Marcus,
    Great post on Balck Friday WA discount bonus. You really put WA into perspective when comparing it with university courses. With the training and skills you can gain here, it really is a no-brainer to join WA at the best price. And a special bonus from you is awesome, great help for anyone who is starting out. Well done.

  18. Rich

    Came across this while trying to monetize my website properly.. Wealthy affiliate is such a good place to get started and learn the ropes. So glad I held out until black friday though! Think there is 2 days and 20 hours or so left of their special offer.. Get it while it’s hot folks!

    Cheers, much appreciated Marcus.


  19. Cathy

    Hi there Marcus,

    To invest $299 per year in an online business is dirt cheap. Even a business marketing program in a university will cost much more than that with no guarantee of employment especially in at this time of economy.

    This opportunity is great for anyone looking to get out of the rat race, turn their passion into a business project or learn a new skill. I have been in WA for almost 2 years now and I don’t regret a single dollar that I spend here.

    • Marcus

      I’m glad you’re having such great success at Wealthy Affiliate, Cathy. It’s great when people achieve their dreams, isn’t it!

  20. roamy

    Hello Marcus

    thanks for the information about the Black Friday deals at wealthy affiliate.

    l can see they have made real reduction of prices and anyone who wants to take advantage should join wealthy affiliate now.

    Something I`d like to know,for those who are already members,with yearly upgrade,can they take advantage of this offer? or is it only open to those who are not upgraded members.

    As you point out on your post, this offer is still on for the whole weekend,will see if l can bring together some money and join wealthy affiliates during this Black Friday offer.

    Thanks so much for the info,came just at the right time.

    Cheers, Roamy

  21. Divican

    Is this forever or only Black Friday. What is black Friday? What is the normal price of WA? How can make only money? Is it must that you have to go premium in order to make online money from WA? How is efficient? I will finally join this online plat form?

    Thank you


    • Marcus

      Wow, that’s a lot of questions for one comment!

      The normal price for Wealthy Affiliate is $47 per month or $359 per year. So the normal yearly price is a good saving on paying monthly, but the Black Friday deal saves a further $60. Yes, in order to make the most of Wealthy Affiliate you do need to be a premium member. However, a free membership will enable you to try it out for the first 10 lessons to see whether you like it or not.

  22. Kipps

    Hi Marcus, It is crazy not to get excited with such an offer! Thank you for your reminder. As a member of the Waelthy Affiliate and my first renewal date is due only in March next year, I have been wavering if I will grab this offer or not. Reading through your post I am now more than ever convinced that this is a big deal, indeed. You make my day Marcus. Thanks for your reminder.

  23. stefan

    Hi Marcus.. I am afraid I missed this great discount. I had upgraded my account with WA around 1 month ago. But you know what! I am really happy to have paid the normal price. It gave me a stronger motivation and a new level of responsibility to accomplish a lot in this coming year.

    I recommend everybody who wants to start their online business… WA is the best place ever. It is a great investment for your future!

    I just can’t imagine how much I can accomplish in 10 years time with internet marketing… there is a high probability I will be working from my preferred holiday destination without any boss to give me a deadline to return.

    That’s awesome!

    All the best!

    • Marcus

      Yes, if you put the work in now and build up your business, you will definitely be working from your dream location in 10 years time. Actually, you will probably be doing that long before the 10 years is up. I wish you the best of luck!

  24. Adeel

    Only one day is left for black Friday deal and I’m already so much excited to avail that awesome offer which will be valid for one year.

    Wealthy affiliate no doubt is a one of the best online business community I have ever seen.

    I wish best of luck everyone who are going to join wealthy affiliate or already joined. Be Blessed!

  25. Uwais

    Black Friday seems to be really big thing in the US, compared to myself living in South Africa. In South Africa, black Friday is slowly been introduced. The deal seems super awesome, only problem is that the South African Rand is doing really bad against the US dollar. But if I had more capital I would have definitely joined.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s madness really, all those people rushing into the door of a shop just to buy a new iphone or whatever. Thankfully, the Black Friday on the internet is a lot easier to take part in.

  26. Andrew

    Hi Marcus, thank you for this article. I have been very interested in getting started marking money online and Wealthy Affiliate seems like the right place to do it.
    That Black Friday price also seems like a very good deal for a whole year of training.
    I am definitely going to check out the WA site!

  27. John Rico

    Making money online is what I always wanted. It is because I know that I can just do it at home. Another reason is that I really hate working for someone else. Being dictated on what and what not to do. So is the program that you are recommending really worth it? I was always looking for a legit way to earn online but kept on bumping into scams. How can I be sure that it is not a fraud?

    • Marcus

      Well, you won’t now for certain unless you try it. Luckily, they do have a free starter membership, so you can sign up for free to have a look around before you pay up for the premium membership.

  28. BethAnn

    This is a GREAT offer! Your product reviews are well thought through and from straight on from my experience with Niche Profit Classroom. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely conducted in a more easy to follow manner and the real time opportunities to get answers to your questions puts it off the charts.
    Add your offer to help someone with their first review by actually writing it to show them how it’s done – well, that is pretty compelling stuff! The new students coming in through your generous offer are going to be getting some valuable mentoring.

    All the best,

  29. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,
    The Black Friday deal is a really awesome, how I wished I had come across this article of yours last time! I missed out on a huge opportunity :/

    I joined WA but as a normal member as yearly so it costed $359 but if I were to go yearly on Black Friday, I would save up on loads more which is pretty amazing. Targeting for next year, hope the deal is still on. Wish me luck!

  30. John

    I have actually thought about joining Wealthy Affiliate for some time now, I know that it is a great place but I haven´t really feel that I have the time to put on it right now. I will get more time in a couple of months and I wounder if I can still take advantage of this offer even if I join in may for example? Can I start paying and then later change to this deal?

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