1. Michael Baker

    Hi Marcus, looking at your site my first impression is that it certainly fits in with the ‘niche’ you are targeting, plain simple text, informative, good and the bad things about making money on line. Some good comments from visitors, layout is simple and clutter free, good images and well written content. It is certainly a website that delivers what it ‘says on the tin’ and nice and easy to navigate. No doubt you are seeing a bit of traffic and no doubt converting with the correct keys words in place.

    Good luck and wish you well with your on line adventure.


    • Marcus

      Thanks, Michael. Yes, I really like the WordPress theme I’m using. It’s called Catch Box. So many times I see other websites where they have got it all wrong. Horrible theme and looking really cluttered.

  2. Rob

    Very interesting Marcus. It does sound a little scamish. Mainly because of it’s claim that the robots will do everything for you. This is the kind of thing people who are new to making money online may fall for. It’s easy to believe that something online can be all automatic. Unfortunately this is not the case. (not in my experience anyway) There is the chance however, that this might be a legitimate MLM product.But from what you have said It doesn’t look that way. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Darren

    Nice post on Bitcoin, Marcus. I’ve heard a lot of suspect things about Bitcoin and this concept of a virtual economy. I’ve even read some conspiracy theories about Bitcoin, where Bitcoin hopes to rid the world of its current currencies so they can take over the global economy with Bitcoin. Whether there’s any truth to that, I wouldn’t have a clue, but the theories are definitely out there.

    While the concept of Bitcoin is interesting, I wouldn’t touch it. besides, I sounds rather expensive to really get fully involved with it.

    • Marcus

      Oh, I didn’t know there were conspiracy theories about bitcoin. Well, it is certainly possible that it could be true, you never know.

  4. rufat

    Great review of Bitcoin Economy. I really wonder how these people every time invent various systems to catch people’s attention and every new system that appears looks more sketchy than the previous one. I like the way you describe the program and expose it by asking simple questions and providing in-depth answers and I’m sure after reading your review one won’t have any questions as to join Bitcoin or not. Great job!

  5. Brandon

    Very interesting. I learned a lot about Bitcoin. I know when I traded Forex for a while my broker FXCM use to have Bitcoin avaaible to trade but I was always to scared to trade it. I heard some people were making a lot of money doing it too. I wonder what would happen if I did it. Seems interesting. Great review…hope to see more soon.

    • Marcus

      Glad you found it helpful, Brandon. Yes, it’s a bit scary, Bitcoin. I must admit, I don’t fully understand it yet.

  6. Cedric

    I didn’t really knew much about bitcoin not to talk of how to make money from bitcoin. It is a great article but unfortunately most of this make money online programs or opportunities are scams.
    It is a good thing I read this article before even coming across it because I for one like to try different ways to make money online.
    Good Job

  7. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello there Marcus , I was looking for some information on the bitcoin systems.

    So this company offers a training on bitcoins under a monthly based membership.The first option of $250 per year is affordable but then their initial offer to buy shares for 3 years looks suspicious.And the Robot recruiter sound like a crap machine.

    They are not providing any more details?…Is there a blog active on their website?…I would not pay a company $2000 for hidden information before I was sure they are legitimate.

    If I take the first plan of $25 per month can I cancel anytime?..

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Chris

    Tried my hardest to understand the whole concept behind bitcoin about a year back – an associate of mine online does very well through it! Turns out it was way above my head – and still is!
    I was quite excited when I saw this product had a sort of bitcoin course involved…but then I read on!
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  9. Kevin

    Bitcoins are real, and there are some places that accept them as a payment method. But they are very risky. Mainly because it is a digital currency and it depends on the trust of people.

    So things being said, if you add this to this program, I don’t know how much benefit you will get from it. It’s good that you recommend not to join as it’s very risky.

    • Marcus

      Well, it actually no longer exists, but the main problem I had with it was that it seemed to be a MLM opportunity.

  10. Leeroy Sand

    Hey Marcus,
    thanks for this informative review. I had to research Bitcoin Economy due to an unlucky coincidence: I bought a domain for my new project (Earn with Bitcoin – a review site focusing on legit and reliable earning opportunities in the Bitcoin world), and it turns out that my domain was previously used by someone to promote Bitcoin Economy. I wasn’t active when the site was around, but your review does seem to prove my suspicion that this was a shady MLM-kind of offer.

    Oh well, luckily, few people remember Bitcoin Economy, so I will be good to go, focusing on legit offers.


  11. Paul

    Dear Marcus,

    Thanks for the information packed review on Bitcoin Economy. Really helpful and thanks a lot. People are afraid of many scams online. By providing people with an honest review bloggers can help people to save their hard earned money and save their time and effort. Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

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