1. Lesley

    It is always interesting to watch the big players and see how things shift and change. They are all set to have a huge impact on the online world with any changes that they decide to make.

    • Yes. Don’t you think it’s kind of scary that they have so much power? Google particularly has a lot of power. If they suddenly change their search algorithm them you could suddenly get far less site traffic, and this has happened to lots of people.

  2. edy

    I will always support Google. It is the root of knowledge in Today’s world. Without Google, I would be dying to do my college homework or anything related to quick information. Partnering with Youtube, Google is simply unbeatable and will be crowned as KING!

  3. Nnamdi

    Hello Marcus,
    I agree with you that Google is still the big fish in the internet world. However, others are really making a formidable effort to up their game. Look at what facebook is doing by acquiring some other companies it think can make the difference. And believe me, they are making the difference. But Google is still cool one.

    • I personally dislike Facebook and don’t use it, but I can definitely see that it is making a lot of business decisions which are going to make it successful.

  4. Kumar

    Hi marcus, got to say this is a very interesting article and thanks for sharing this. Honestly i got to say that each and everyone of them are winners in their own way because they are making tons of money. But personally i like google

  5. lorraine

    HI Marcus
    It is interesting to see this and how they will come out first and and Google seams to be running on top at this point great report.

  6. Teresa

    What an interesting article. The big players usually stand out. Everyone knows about them. I would be surprised if someone tells me that they don’t know what Facebook is…

  7. Moritz

    Thank you for sharing.
    It is very interesting to know who the big internet marketing players are.

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