1. alisonklingvall

    Hi Marcus,

    it’s good that through posting this you’ve also given us some tips on figuring out for ourselves if products are likely to be any good.
    I feel doubtful if I can’t find any information on the promoter or the owner of a company.
    What I don’t understand is regarding the webinars…is this a course on creating or promoting webinars and how much do people usually pay for a webinar? Why would they buy the right to attend a webinar from me as opposed to direct from the source?

    • Marcus

      Yes, it seems to be a course on how to use webinars to promote other people’s webinars. I suppose the reason why people wouldn’t go straight to the source is because they don’t know about it until you tell them.

  2. Albert

    Creating webinars sounds a bit complicated to me but I know it has a high conversion rate. So, I’m intrested in taking a course like Automated Webinar Profits… Just a couple of questions:

    How advanced is this program? Is it a good choice for starters?

    And which tools they teach us to use for creating and hosting webinars?

    Thanks a lot, look forward to hearing your answers 🙂

    • Marcus

      Hi Albert, I think they use Camtasia for webinars, but I’m not entirely sure. I think this course is best suited to someone who is already familiar with things a bit, because of the lack of step-by-step activities that other courses tend to contain.

    • Most upsells in the “make money online” product launch world come unexpectedly to the customer. This is why they work. The reason internet marketers use them is because they are effective, and the reason they are effective is because they come as a surprise to the customer. The customer is expecting to pay X amount to get everything they need, then they are told there is Y and Z as well which costs more. This is the very definition of sneaky, by moving the goalposts once the transaction is underway.

      I find it odd that you seem to be aware of what upsells are, but disagree that they are sneaky. The very reason they are effective is because they are sneaky.

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