1. Mark

    Hi there Marcus, great article about the woes of erstwhile online marketers and the growing pains that many have been through before finding somewhere genuine like Wealthy Affiliate with it’s fantastic training resources and supportive community.
    Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Thanks for getting in touch Mark, and I’m glad you liked the article. It looks like your own website is starting to come along too.

  2. Chris

    This is a great article Marcus – in my experience these types of opportunities are set up for one person alone to succeed…they guy who made them!
    I’ve been pottering about online over the last few years earning a little bit here and there but I’ve never been taken by these ‘push button’ opportunities. If you want to earn online you are always going to need to work!
    I’m interested in the community you’ve included in the conclusion to your article – is it English based and is it free?

    • Marcus

      Yes, it is English based, and you can sign up with a free starter membership. This enables you to do the first 10 lessons of the course and set up 2 free websites. But for people who are serious about learning everything there is to know about internet marketing, their Premium membership is definitely the way to go. It’s well worth it.

  3. Sarah

    Hi Marcus,

    I know from experience all about chasing shiny objects. It rarely (if ever) pays off. Solid and consistent effort does. And that is no different whether you are in the online world or offline. Passive income even takes time and effort to build.

  4. Olive

    Hi Marcus

    I love your article – it’s very well written and easy to read due to the well thought layout.

    Personally I have never heard of autopilot money making system and I am glad that I didn’t come across it while looking to set-up my online business. Thankfully I did come across a youtube video about WA. I joined and not even a year later I have a business!! I am not a millionaire but I am making money. Baby steps is the way for me, I am learning more than I ever imagined thanks to WA.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Olive. I was talking more generally about the various make money online sites that claim you can just click a few buttons and the money will come rolling in. Autopilot money making system is not one particularly site.

  5. Daniel

    Hi Marcus
    You name 3 companies that works on auto-pilot, and you mentionned a communauty, can you be more specific on that subject as I am not sure what you are suggesting!

    • Hi Daniel, if you take a look at the link I gave, it leads through to a full review of what i am talking about. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it is the best internet marketing community I have ever come across.

  6. Jude Banks

    You hit the nail on the head – I agree with your viewpoint, Marcus.

    While an airplane can be put on autopilot, it still needs a pilot to take off and land the plane and to oversight the controls in between.

    There are automated tools that can help save administrative time. But the real work in running a business is usually in customer service, relationship building and marketing – those tasks always require human intervention.

    Having a business action plan and access to a good support network are both vital for long term success. ~Jude

  7. LIndon

    G’day Marcus I found it really well written and informative plus I like the way you have set it out. You seem to be getting very good at this stuff.

  8. Peter

    Hello Marcus I must say you sum up the internet lifecycle quite well, searching, finding, starting, distracted by the next shiny object, searching. finding starting, distracted by the next shiny object…

    I agree totally that you need a solid plan and I am pleased to see you are pointing people in the direction of Wealthy Affiliate as a way to not only have a plan to follow but one that will actually lead to online success.

    Overnight success is a myth and it takes work and commitment and that doesn’t happen without time investment. So people can choose to start now and have a successful business in the future or chase shiny objects that promise them success now??

    Good article and a nice clean website. Keep up the good work and I applaud your efforts helping people looking for help to make a living online. 🙂

  9. roamy

    Hello there
    surfing passing time I found a site that promised online auto profit, I was not so convinced, I might be new to online scams, but I don’t believe in getting nothing for nothing.
    Looking for more information about scams and your site came up.
    Thanks so much, you explain things in a way that even a newbie like me can understand.
    I have suffered from shiny objects syndrome, and I’m very glad I found your site.Thanks so much.

  10. Shivaram

    I read your article about Auto Online Profits. In your article you have talked about 3 products – Millionaire Society, CB Passive Income and Profit Bank. The information you said is pretty true. Many people live in a fantasy land thinking that if they buy that product, they will make a lot of money in no time. The reality there is no such a thing called autopilot income. In fact your skills have to go on autopilot. I really liked your post and everything you said is very true.

    • Marcus

      Thanks Shivaram. Yes, it’s about time that people realised that these sales pages that promise dreams of easy riches are nothing more than scams.

  11. Adeel

    Hi Marcus.

    I really like your article because it is very informative and well written.

    I’m just new in online marketing and that’s another reason your article is very helpful for me. There are tons of products out there but thanks for giving best review.

    I wish you best of luck.

  12. JP

    Great review. I know that there are so many scams out there on the online world and that is people are not careful, these scams can empty their pockets because they’ll look like opportunities, but they are not. I liked your WA recommendation and know that this is a legitimate way to make money online.

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