Are Your Online Money Making Expectations Unrealistic?

Your expectations of how much you could earn online are probably unrealistic. Mine used to be too until I realised I actually needed to work at it like any business. The rewards are there, though, if you do stick with it. Working from home for yourself, earning more money than you could in a regular job.

Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate just wrote a post about this:

Kyle Reality Check

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But it makes you think, doesn’t it? I like how he compared making money online to a normal job. So often, our expectations go sky high when we look for ways to make money online.

And the problem is, the web is crammed full of attractive offers that play into those unrealistic expectations. You may not realise this, but every single day, new schemes are invented to sell you on that dream of getting rich quickly. I review many of them here, not to promote them as an affiliate, but to expose them for what they are.

Here are some I have seen recently:

Easy Funnel Profits

is Easy Funnel Profits a scam

Their Claim: You can earn $210.92 per day with an easy to replicate method.

Price: $1,699.95 if you buy everything they offer you.

Kindle Enigma

Kindle Enigma Review

Their Claim: You can earn overt $2,000 per month writing Kindle ebooks.

Price: $362 if you buy everything they offer you.

Instant Commission Unlock

Instant Commission Unlock Review

Their Claim: You can earn $136.54 per day by clicking a few buttons in some software.

Price: $305 if you buy everything they offer you.

Operation 10k


Their Claim: You can instantly earn loads of money by creating your own digital products and getting affiliate to promote them for you,

Price: $124 if you buy everything they offer you.

Tube Amplify

Is Tube Amplify a scam

Their Claim: You can make over $1,000 per day from your YouTube channel

Price: $695 if you buy everything they offer you.

These schemes may or may not work, but the problem is, they use deceptive tactics to squeeze as much money out of you as they can. After you have bought the first product, they have a series of additional products. In the end, the cost really adds up, so you will have spent a lot of money before you have even started trying to earn any money.

The ironic thing here is that it is actually possible to make a lot of money very quickly, just not necessarily by buying these kinds of products. The quickest way to make the most money online without gambling or breaking the law is to create your own “make money online” product that you then launch and get loads of affilates to promote.

If you have a ridiculous upsell funnel, like Easy Funnel Profits does, you’re laughing. Some people will definitely fall for it, and you will make a ridiculous amount of money very quickly.

But it’s absolutely the worst way to make money online, apart from crime of course.

Don’t do it, you’re better than that.

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Have you ever fallen for one of these get rich quick schemes? Why not tell me your story in the comments section below.

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