1. Alex

    Thanks for the honest review. I’ve been sucked into a similar program. but thanks again you just saved me $131 🙂 and then there is the problem of miscommunication with the person on Fiverr that could be a problem if they find out that you are the middle man too.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it could become a problem if they realise you are just selling their services to someone else for a higher price.

  2. Michael

    Thank you for doing such a thorough review of this product. So according to your review, this website is only good for people who want to use Craigslist. The Black Label Edition is to search for all places. Does that mean the most basic plan is useless?
    Will you consider this website useful? Do you consider it a scam?

    • Marcus

      Well, the basic version only searches Craigslist, and it only searches one US state at a time. Yes, seems rather lame to me. I don’t think I would call it a scam, just not quite as effective as I was hoping it would be.

  3. scooter

    Marcus, what a well detailed review of the Arbitrage Underdog  5 Program. I did not realize that the software was going to work on all those individual classified sites such as Kijii and the rest you had listed. So, are you recommending the up-sale for this program or not? Did you personally take the special offer? I am contemplating what I should do myself? Please advise. Thank you.

  4. fernglow

    Hi Marcus! I was looking for ways to earn money online and I actually found Arbitrage Underdog 5 from some ads on facebook. It looks quite convincing and that’s why I decided to check the reviews on it and landed on your site.
    I have to thank you for your review as I was really considering enrolling into it and because of your review, I saved myself a lot of time and money!
    Also, is there any good and realiable programs out there that you feel is suited for a beginner and teaches people how to earn money online?
    Looking forward to your reply! 🙂

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your comment, fernglow. I’m glad you found my review helpful. To answer your question about good and reliable programs that I recommend, I must say I am still trying to find one that I truly recommend. 

  5. Miranda

    Well, aside from the price it was sounding pretty good for a minute. I have tried using Craigslist for several areas before and it can be a real pain.

    If logo only brought up 4 for the entire country, I wouldn’t imagine my search for folks wanting to learn how to knit would pan out any better.

    I will be steering clear of this one. Thank you for the info!

  6. Kevin

    Great article Marcus! You know what, I’ve been contemplating on buying this for the past few weeks and there came a point that I am just a click away on buying it but thankfully I’m a bit hesitant. Thanks for this!! It helped me to open my mind to see its reality 🙂

  7. Ali Ali

    Thanks for your objective review. I was also about to buy this software before i decided to see a review about it. It’s really helpful man. Thanks once again.

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