1. Christophe

    It’s a huge scam, when will these frauds look in the mirror and appeal to their set of mind, greed will bring you down, i hope they got all the virusses a person can overcome because it’s a plague.

      • andy

        thank you very much! i really need this kind of comments. I am also about to try this.Sad, I thought this is legit. Thanks to all of you!

    • Richard

      Thank you so much in advance to you and all the other advice before I took a chance and get scammed by them
      I genuinely wish everyone who was good enough to leave reviews so less people get scammed eventually find the happiness or abundance they are looking for
      All the best
      Richard Crowden


    yes it is a huge scam .Don’t have a fate on it .i also have registered on it and submitted a ticket for cash back . But still i have not get back my cash .So don’t waste money and time on it.

  3. Sonja

    Hi, are there any news about appcoiner? Any new members tried it? I just received offer, to join for a one time 17$ fee.

  4. Chaitanya bhaisare

    Jaspreer your name tells you r an indian so hindi me baat krta hu
    bhai batayga ki yeh he kya?? Paise wagaire kch nai mile kya?

  5. Lakshay

    Its scam if its not than what about thier 100% money back guarantee i have requested for my refund from last 10 days but i have no reply so when will these frauds will take rest

  6. Scott

    Damn. I was just going to join in too. Somebody on facebook was showing me her proof of payments and I was planning to join. Glad I found this page first. There are absolutely no human reviews on YouTube about this app either. Which I think might be a bad idea to join. What do you guys think?

  7. Iqbal ansari

    I joined appcoiner on 10 April 2016 worked but of no use in between my account was blocked from appcoiner don’t know why they blocked, on telling them got it started but name was given by appcoiner. on 28april 2016 emailed and created a ticket to refund my money back, till now not a single penny refund received just received a mail on 15 days before that refund under process but till today it’s 17may 2016 it’s not being refunded and my ticket is being closed by them self.

  8. Andres

    Hey buddies, thanks for the comments and you Marcus for this post! I can’t find a legit way to work at home nowadays, Internet is full of scams. I was thinking to prove this way as an extra income, I am lucky for reading this, it’s not only money what they steal, it’s time, effort and hope of progress that they are stealing from you, hope you find legit and better ways to earn money from home, cheers for not being scammed! lol

    • I’m glad you found it helpful, Andres. I know it’s a shame when you think you have found something that can earn you a lot of money, and then you find it out it’s not what you thought it was. But at least you have been saved from the pain of being sucked into something bad.

  9. Lucy A Puniwai

    I really appreciate your post. I received the offer through Twitter stating the “Oracle of Omaha” (Warren Buffet) was now following me. As usual, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Thank you Marcus!

    • I’m glad you found it helpful, Lucy. Yes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the best way to look at these kinds of things.

  10. Lea

    You’re a life saver Marcus. I nearly went into the Appcoiner thing. What made me suspicious was how the person who introduced me shortened the URL to the page, from that I knew the package won’t be any way different from the yeye referrer schemes. Once again thank you, Marcus, for the genuine review.

  11. @bonddxb

    Thank you, Marcus, for your time and efforts to write this review and save many people including me. I was about to pay them $27, I received a twitter DM from @bluberco this morning which leads me to app coiner SCAM page. Yes, I’d call it a scam cos they are constantly promoting that you would get paid by writing reviews which is eventually not true.

  12. Tuan

    Well, I was about to try App Coiner and also thought of promoting it to earn some money until I found your post. Thank you Marcus, you save me time, efforts and readers’ trust!

  13. Britney Dean

    If you took the time to save all of us the trouble, I suppose I can take the time to simply say thank you. So thank you Marcus!

  14. Alleyne

    What’s advice can you give on what to join to make money online Marcus? I have a lot of free time in between my job and I am online a lot would like to try out something that’s worth it where I can make money honestly

    • I highly recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to build a genuine website. You can choose any topic you are interested in or passionate about. They even have a free trial so you can do the first 10 lessons and try it out for the first week, all for free. You can find out more about it here.

  15. Spank

    Thanks Marcus, I’ve been wanting to join thinking it’s real. I’m so desperate for cash now that I can easily fall for anything.

  16. Helen

    It is so unfair that people will take advantage of anybody’s trusting nature…..and their need to earn money! I have been searching for ANY way to earn money online, as I am unable to work at any conventional job.
    Because there are so many ‘scammers’ out there, I would assume that the chances of finding an honest ’employer’ are slim to none.

  17. Samuel Akingbade

    Hi Mr Marcus,
    I just read some reviews from couple of people saying that AppCoiner apps review is a scam.
    Sir, what legitimate stay at home online job can people like some of us from Africa, precisely my country Nigeria?
    One of the issues we are having with online job from my country Nigeria, is the ban on receiving earnings or foreign currency with PayPal.
    Please I would like you to introduce me to a legitimate online job that I will be able to receive my earnings directly into my local bank account in Nigeria, or via Western Union Money Transfer or Moneygram, because these are the payment methods that we can receive money from foreign countries.
    Hoping to hear from you soonest.
    Keep up the good job of exposing the scammers.

    N.B. Sir, I don’t have a website.
    Thank you very much and God bless you, Sir .

  18. Kester Taylor

    Marcus thank you for taking the time to call out this scam and stopping a few of us from lining these bastards pockets with our hard earned money. It’s sad that these idiots would deliberately try to rip you off like that.

  19. Peter

    I don’t know-how to thank you enough. you are a life saver Marcus and those people that commented!!!! You guys just saved me now. Am about to enter my credit card information for the payment. Thank you so much. You are the best!!!

  20. Lou

    Hi Marcus! Can you please recommend us some legit online work from home sites based on your experience and if it works for average people for real.

  21. Boris

    Thank you Marcus for this useful review. There is lots similar schemes where people just promote some offers, many of them are from Clickbank. Today I saw ad about App Coiner and I want to research it. Too many programs ask you money even before you start with program. That is too bad. There is a real companies where you will be paid for doing simple tasks and web app testing. I am in few and guest what?! It is totally for free. I am web and mobile app tester on few sites, for free and I am earning few hundred dollars monthly for that. I explained on my blog. You have a great blog with useful content I will look more deeply.

  22. Leann

    This is like a legal scam. I actually fell for something similar where you give away ebooks for free and as long as someone purchases the entire book (something like that) then I would get paid. It cost $17 to join with a money back guarantee. When I realized it really was just a scam I asked for my money back and of course I haven’t received anything back. Don’t fall for the app tester or the ebook one! Don’t pay money to earn money unless it’s through something well known and legit like AVON.

  23. Greatness Pee

    A very Big Thank you for your review on this Bro..I had the intention of joining it tomorrow but made my mind to do a small research about it on Google today and I came across ur post..thanks and God Bless u for that

  24. Wanjiku

    I was just about to make the leap but I decided to take one glance over my shoulder…..and here you were with just the facts that I needed. Marcus you are just the best.

  25. Jerry Huang

    Hey Marcus,
    Thanks for this awesome review.
    AppCoiner makes everything seems too good to be true. They are not honest at all. I think anybody should stay away from this platform at all cost!

  26. Stella

    Hey Marcus,

    Thank you a lot for this review. I’m from Croatia and Appcoiner is now in in my country. People believed in this but when I showed them your review they figurated out about what are they doing and that this is a big fraud! Do you know any legitimate website that pays you for testing apps?

    • Glad you found it helpfully Stella. Unfortunately, I’m not currently aware of any legitimate app testing websites. I’m sure there must be some out there, I just haven’t come across any myself yet.

  27. Bob

    Dunno about any others but I’ve learned the hard way. PAY TO WORK equal SCAM or dissatisfaction, either way YOU lose. Sorry folks, but these are facts.

  28. Marvin

    So is there anyway of making money online as an affiliate, or are they all scams. It seems to me any time you try to do something, it all turns out to be a scam.

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