1. Cynthia

    I liked your review on AmaSuite 5. I have looked into several different programs and ways to find a product on Amazon to sell and/or private Label. I decided to get involved with Wealthy Affiliate instead.
    I think starting off, to do it on a shoestring. I would not buy any software at this time. However, if I was further along, I may spend extra money on something like this. I am not sure though. Interesting though.
    I enjoyed reading your review. Thanks.

  2. Adrian

    The AmaSuite 5 is probably a good product but for me it is a bit too expensive and as you have said, why not just put all those programs into one.

    I’ve just started using a program very similar to this one and it’s called JungleScout and it’s about half the price of this one for the Chrome extension.

    It does pretty much the same thing and there is an option to go PRO which I don’t need but it is suitable for affiliate marketers and people who sell physical products on Amazon.

    Amazon affiliates would get good value out of AmaSuite 5 but I think there are better alternatives out there.

  3. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,
    Wow that is some research you’ve made man an on Chris, I’ve heard about him and his reputation with Amazon. All I can say is that is does a lot of programs relating it and he does know his stuff when it comes to Amazon.

    I have a question though about Ama Suite, will it work if I stay in Asia? From my experiences, Amazon isn’t very strong here in South East Asia. We don’t even have those Amazon shelfs you guys have in western countries.

    • Marcus

      That’s a very good question, actually. I think he said that it works with the American and British versions of Amazon, so maybe it wouldn’t work with your location.

  4. Asen


    This looks as a legit way to help oneself on the way to a successful online marketing campaign.

    How exactly does the product work? Does it show a list of products related to your niche which are selling well? Based on that you can include affiliate links of the product on your website?

    The keyword generator could be very helpful indeed. I can try it as I am interested in the Internet Marketing. Thank you for bringing this helpful product to the table.

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s exactly right, it enables you see see which products are selling well. Then you can sell more of these products to maximize your profits.

  5. Lou

    Hi Marcus,

    Ama suite, interesting perspective on it, do you need it maybe, maybe not, yes if you are struggling with Amazon, then again Amazon does tell you what`s the best sellers in all their products you just have to type it in.
    I suppose it depends if you want to pay that amount,
    Personally, I wouldn`t.

    Interesting post thanks


    • Marcus

      Yes, you are right, you can find a lot of this information on Amazon. The difference is the level of detail and how much data you can get quickly, rather than ploughing through Amazon manually.

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