1. Marlon

    Hey marcus,

    I think that your conclusion of the 250program being a scam is right on the money. However I think that the scam goes further than what your take was. According to the video after paying the $250 they do send you information on what the actual product is supposed to be.

    The video also talks about an additional $99 for the system and another $9.95 for a phone number or something. This is something to be wary of and I hope no one falls for this scheme.

    Any educated consumer should see that paying $250 just to see a system that you may or may not be interested in is not a sound investment. Especially when you have to spend additional money to actually get the program.

    And being that you they are sending money to a stranger through western union or Paypal that is a big red flag. You know that they will not be getting that money back for any reason.

  2. Daisy

    Wow, Marcus, I never even heard of 250 program. What a horrible scam that is. I am shocked. Thank you Marcus for being honest enough to tell us about it.

  3. lorraine

    Hi Macas
    Yet another scam glad you found this, no website is a bad thing they take your money i don’t like these types of guys as i have already been scammed by other company’s like this one so thank you for your story on them.

  4. Tomas Bishop

    The internet is ridiculous when it comes to finding a descent work from home opportunity. It’s good that we have people like you that uncover all these untrustworthy programs. Keep doing what your doing, Marcus.

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