1. Tony

    Hi Marcus

    It’s great to have this laid out. It’s all pretty simple stuff for writing blog posts, but when your mind is racing through a million thoughts at once it can be easy to over complicate things.

    The best advice you give here in my opinion is – “Think in terms of informing other people or helping them in some way.”
    Good advice for anyone wanting to write a blog!

    Cheers, Tony

  2. Dustin

    Great info! I just recently started writing blogs and looked up some way or format to writing. Doing it this way makes a lot of sense and I’ll definitely try it out for my next blog!

  3. Garen

    Hey Marcus,

    I write a lot of blog post and one thing that has always helped me is basically just doing all the research and then just writing. Meaning, that I am not going to go back and edit all my misspellings. I just focus on writing good content and then later on proofing the article at once. Then I cut and paste it into WordPress and link it to relevant pages.

    I think a lot of people do get overwhelmed with writing a blog post. They don’t all have to be perfect. The hard part is just getting started. Once you do it usually comes together nicely. However, I do always write my intros and titles at the end 🙂


  4. Jason

    Great article and all the steps I use in writing all my posts. Just one question, are you going to be covering all the SEO stuff? as I sometimes get confused on that aspect especially the meta stuff. I know what the meta title, description and keywords is but don’t know about the other stuff that comes below. It is the All in One SEO setup I am refferring to.

    • Personally, I think it’s better to focus on writing great articles rather than getting too focused on SEO. After all, Google likes great content.

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